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Anger a sudden and unpalatable feeling, which occurs when your adrenalin arouse. Adrenalin is a vein in the body which makes one angry anytime it arouses. A hadith of the prophet (SAW) says “Do not be angry” No matter how displeased you may be, try to control your anger. The Prophet (SAW) said in an hadith that when someone is annoyed or displeased he should sit if is standing , then lay down or perform ablution and observes two rakats of Nawafil. These will surely assist you clearing off your anger and always prevent annoyance. SIDE EFFECT OF NOT CONTROLLING YOUR ANGER  It can lead to committing suicides which is a sin in sight of Almighty Allah  It destroys ones achievements for the past years within some minutes ADVANTAGES OF CONTROLLING ONES ANGER  One will be a strong person in the sight of Allah and not the one that can fight  Controlling ones anger is a sign of respect and obedience to the Prophet of Allah  Patience is a shinning glory EFFECTS OF REGULAR FAILURE OF ELECTRICITY IN NIGERIA Electricity, the power that is usually used in building, providing light and makes machine work. Nigeria, a major provider of electricity but unfortunately for years now, has been experiencing a terrible situation with power failure. Regular failure of electricity has affected all aspects of life. Big organizations operate at very high costs and most small and medium organizations closed down because they can no longer bear the cost. Closure of most businesses render a lot of people jobless, thereby increasing crime rate because an idle mind is the devils workshop. There is always terrible noise pollution in the country due to regular power failure which resulted to the use of high duty generating sets by those who can make use of alternatives which are very noisy, disturbing and wasteful. People spend a lot of money on fuel and diesel. Nigeria supplies electricity to other nations but it has become a mirage for its citizens to enjoy electricity. Cost of living is so high in Nigeria due to constant power failure in the country. The high cost incurred in generating alternative is usually born by the consumers. The effects is felt and noticed in all the sectors of our economy, especially as it is evidenced in the rise in the price of all commodities, for instance; house rent, clothes, food stuffs, household equipments and even school fees. Investment rate is low due to low return owing to high cost of operation. This in turn scare international investors who are not willing to invest in an economy that does not encourage them. Another effect of regular failure is high cost of industrial production. Heavy duty machines are used for production and these require electricity to function but with the regular failure, alternative power supplies used are very expensive. In a bid to cut down this enormous cost created by power failure, low quality materials are gotten and the lives of people are endangered by the carbon monoxide gas that is released on daily basis into the atmosphere. The situation is usually worse during the hot season when everywhere is dry and requires cooling. During this period, a lot of home appliances, offices and hospital equipments have become monument of oft exhibition. The importance of electricity supply cannot be over emphasized. There is a great need for the government to look deeply into the issue of electricity without any delay if our country must grow into an all admirable nation. The government and the private investors are enjoined to put their resources together and save this nation out of total darkness.


The Word of the Prophet is like poverty; but, its better than that of hell-fire......  If you are not using your smile, you are like a man with a million dollar in the bank with no Cheque book  All the statistics in the world can’t measure the warmth of smile  A wise man learns from other’s mistakes, a fool by his own  One who understands more displays a greater simplicity of character than who understands little  They can; because they think they can  The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed  Everyone has a fair turn to be as great as he pleases  The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes  A loving heart is the truest wisdom  There are no gains without pains WORDS OF ADVICE Learn to struggle and don’t give up easily. You can never get enough of what you want. Don’t depend on anyone, strive hard, believe in Allah, never give up. A mistake is not made until you make the mistake again. Don’t force things on people; learn to carry your problems in your hands but not in your heart because it can destroy you. There are diseases that warn you and there are diseases that warm you and there are diseases that are silent killers. The best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago, your tomorrow depends on your today. Most importantly believe in Allah.


As I strolled during one of the afternoon prep classes at school, the thought of how teachers are being treated in my country was in my mind. I walked into one of the quietest classes in the school; I couldn’t believe that the students known as the most hardworking juniors in the school were arguing. I wanted to know what could ever make these brains argue. A few minutes later, my question was answered on the sheet of a paper from each of the students. A student has asked the same question I was asking myself “Senior, why is it that we maltreat our teachers?” I was surprised because I couldn’t believe someone was thinking about the same thing that was plaguing my mind; better still a fair in complexion girl asked me the same question in a touching manner. “Why is it that we make our teachers feel worthless when they are the most useful people in the world”? Tears began to roll down my cheeks as I realized how brutal teachers are treated in this country, it took me thirty minutes to ponder on this question and another hour to answer the touching questions. Teaching is the most rejected occupation in Nigeria today. Nobody wants to be a teacher but they want to be taught. Considering a survey of University Matriculation Examination (UME) candidates were asked what they wanted to study in the University 10% wanted Medicine / Pharmacy, 20% wanted Agriculture / Horticulture, 20% wanted Law, 10% wanted Banking & Finance / Accounting and the rest wanted other courses except special education. 10% never want to go back to school. Teachers are never remembered no matter what they have done for us. They impart knowledge and build up the nation, but are never remembered for it. Must a teacher wait till he gets to Heaven before he gets his reward? Must a teacher suffer on earth to build other children’s’ future? In countries like Togo, Ghana and Gambia, teachers are treated like ambassadors and Senators; they ride the best Cars and live in the best houses. They are anything they require even without a strive to work to live. In conclusion, Nigeria would develop and be a great nation if only she would love and draw her teachers to her chest. At the end of the evening preparatory class, I asked the students what they wanted to be in future and they mentioned Doctors, Lawyers, Ambassadors, Bankers and so on. I asked if anyone wanted to be a teacher but only a student stood up and said “I would like to be a teacher” The only question left for me to ask myself was “who would teach my Kids?”


Corruption has hit the nation; we are all living in destitution. It is in Nigeria that you see the Police taking bride. You can be killed because of ordinary N20. The hooligans would collect money from drivers forcefully. What has the government done to all the children that go to school without textbooks when free education was promised? All our government talks about are petrol and football. Since when we have been playing football, we haven’t won the world cup. Nigeria is called the giant of Africa but its economy is the weakest. Ghanians celebrate years of uninterrupted electricity supply. But in Nigeria, we have poor power supply. In some areas, they are given light once in a month. Youth will graduate with certificate seeking for employment but all their efforts turn futile. People turned to Neptomaniac because of this unemployment and also most women have taken to prostitute because of this unemployment. According to Sir Abraham Lincon. “Democracy can be defined as the government of the people, by the people and for the people”. If we look at the meaning of that definition, it will be much unwilled. Government of the people that is the government is owned and chosen by the people or citizens. Government by the people, which is controlled by the people. Government for the people, which is the country, is ruled by the citizens. Democracy is also a system of government set up in accordance with the principle of majority rules, popular representation, and fundamental human right. This above definition give the interest meaning of democracy by saying that democracy is a system of government, that is developed in line with the rule of people i.e the masses are those that set up the government. What could be the causes of our problems in Nigeria? What are the solutions to our problems? These are many questions that could be asked from Nigerians. The current most dreadful problems we are having in Nigeria is the problem of insecurity which the ‘government of the people’ could not find a lasting solution to. The ‘democratic’ government would do something only when the closest relatives of the RSVP in government are killed or kidnapped. Another problem that is being encountered in Nigeria is the problem of fuel. The government removed the subsidy on petrol leaving nothing to the masses except increasing the fuel pump price. We use the fuel to power our generator to generate electricity because the government didn’t give us adequate power supply; we also use this same fuel for our car, buses e.t.c because the government hasn’t provided good transport service. What I think could be the reason why we are suffering in Nigeria is because our government is callous and the masses are now resentful. The only lasting solution to these problems is that we should switch to Islamic law (divine) because human laws are bound to be defective. One of the branches of Islamic laws we are already practicing in Nigeria is the Islamic banking system which favours everyone. Then why can’t we start using Islamic laws which is divine? My advice to the youths is that when they are given the opportunity to rule, they should remember the masses and follow a saying by a scholar which says: “An idea materializes if people believe in it, show a sincere commitment for it’s success, increase their enthusiasm and readiness which lead to sacrifice and action for it’s realization” Lets pray for Nigeria toward the up coming Election for peace and success.


Internet is one of the modern means of communication. It has its own advantages and disadvantages just like any other things. Parts of the advantages are that it is a very fast means of communication which makes dissemination of information very easy. One can send and receive information in seconds and make a lot of friends through it and download a vital information. But the disadvantages are that it wastes a lot of time. Some youths neglect their solat because they are on facebook or some other things. Some of them waste their time downloading and playing games. They do not have any other thing to do other than these in the Internet. Another disadvantage is that most people use it as an avenue for watching bad movies, pornography pictures, movies and dating unknown opposite sexes. They do all sort of obnoxious acts post a lot of bad things on facebook and waste time. Please, as Muslims, let us desist from wasting our time on the internet. Let us avoid pornography, manage our time, pray Solat as at when due and avoid being victims of the disadvantages of Internet. Let us use it positively. May Allah save us from the evil of this world and the punishment of the Hereafter. (Amin)


First aid is the first treatment given to an injured person before taken to the hospital. It is an emergency treatment given immediately after the injury to save the life of the injured person. A first aid box should be everywhere injury can take place like in the classrooms, hostels, fields, playing ground e.t.c. The first aid box should contain some instruments for treatment like Spirit, Cotton wool, Scissors, Plasters e.t.c The first aid has saved many lives. Take for example if someone got injured in a car accident and a first aid box was present in his car, materials available would be applied to rescue the injured person before getting to the hospital. In another scene, someone is involved is an auto accident and has no first aid box and other people to rescue do not also have their first aid box. They then decided to rush him to the hospital. But unfortunately the man died on the way. This was as a result of failure to have the First Aid Box. So on this note, I will like to urge all readers to cultivate the habit of having a first aid box in order to prevent the untimely death of their loved ones.


1. Islam is submission and obedience to Allah 2. Islam teaches people to obey Allah and to behave well to others, young and old. 3. It is a religion which Allah himself perfected for the Muslims. 4. Islam was the religion preached by all the earliest Prophets. 5. If anyone believes in any other religion other than Islam, he is false to his own nature as he is false to God’s will and plan. 6. A Muslim follows the teaches of the Qur’an and believes in the articles of faith 7. The articles of faith are belief in: i. Oneness of Allah ii. The Angels iii. The Holy Prophets iv. The Holy Books v. The Day of Judgment vi. Pre-destination 8. Islam teaches us to be good and righteous 9. Islam teaches us to worship Allah alone 10. Islam forbids all aspects of Evil 11. Islam helps people to make the world peaceful and good to live in Allah has control over everything and everyone.


Children are leaders of tomorrow. They are going to lead on when their parents are gone for, they are the leaders of tomorrow. They have a bright and promising future. To achieve their goals, They must have good and sound education. They must have good attitude to learning. They must see reasons why we should concentrate maximally on our studies. They must see reasons why they must be educated. Education is a legacy for everyone. There are some children who do not have the opportunity some are having toward education access. They must not waste this golden opportunity an opportunity once lost can never be regained, they says. The parents will want to see their children to be successful in life. They are the face of hope for their parents. They will want to see them happy. They should not let them down. Education is the only key to success in this life and the life hereafter only when one know His creator; obey His commandment, practice it and teacher others (The Message). Things are very hard to come by. The road may be though and rough but with steadfastness, determination prayer, fasting, alms giving and dedication one can only get to the top toward success in this life and the life hereafter. They are in the age when they are quickly grasp whatever they are being taught. It is now, not ever again the zeal is in them. They are the one who will change things for better. Let us have a good attitude to learning for the sake of the struggling parents. “Its best to bind up the finger before its cut”.


A person who imitates is known for nothing of his own. Therefore always try to be your-self. Being what you are is the first step towards becoming who you are. In trying to be someone else all you can become is the second best. It is better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you are not. He who has a opinion of his own but depends on others is a slave. If you don’t have a plan for your life you’ll be part of another person’s plan. Therefore be yourself because the future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious. WINNERS HABITS “Those who will succeed in life are those that will maximize their God given ability to achieve their goal “. They 1 Live with a true attitude 2 Are men of integrity and good character 3Are well informed 4 Find something to offer. 5 Look forward to go forward. 6 Are great thinkers. 7 Are good time manager. 8 Overcome fear by faith. 9 Are courageous 10 Are men of vision. 11 Avoid undue exposure. 12 Bring solutions to problems. 13 Are finishers. 14 Are men of great passion


“It is He who has created you from dust then from a nutfah, then from a clot, then bring you forth as an, infant, then to reach the age of full strength afterwards to be old though some among you die before, and that you reach an appointed term, in order that you may understand.” Human life has 3 phases childhood, youth and old age. After the age of 14-15, human being steps into the period of youth and he starts his full fledged life which is called youth. This is the golden age and it is this period that a man finds in him zeal and fervor, determining and courage. This is the stage that a person fumbles at every step. It is the age when zeal and passion have their say and rule over the life of an individual. Man is not the best creature only because of his power but for his reasoning, moral sense and spiritual force. Man needs his physical, rational and spiritual development in equal proportion for his perpetuation, welfare, success and prosperity. This development takes place right in young age. Man has been created by Allah to come and fulfill certain obligations in life. Allah says “la qad khalaqina li insane fi kabad” Man has been created to toil on earth”Q90v4. A good Muslim is not he who renounces the world but struggle and interacts with his surroundings. The prophet said “people are the dependant of Allah; the closest to Him are the most useful to His dependants”. The criterion for being a better Muslim is not simply salat, fasting and tasbih but its utility to others. Prophet (S.A.W) said (He who does not concern himself with the affair of the Muslim is not of them.) According to Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary, Potentials means possibility of something happening being developed or used. Allah said in Q6v165 “And it is He who has made you generation coming after generation, replacing each other on the earth. And He has raised you in ranks, some above others that He may try you in that which He has bestowed on you.” Natural potentials in man Mental ability Broad interest and abilities Communication skill Motivational strength- initiative and strong desire to accomplish things. Moral and spiritual soundness Knowledge Skill Desire Feeling for others 1 How to Identify Your Potentials Know your interest, goal and abilities i. e understand yourself thoroughly, how? A Directly from others i.e. by asking them their view about you. B Indirectly don’t compare yourself with others because each individual is unique. 2 Obtain information from specially trained person in the task of measuring individual differences i.e. psychologist. 3Learn the requirement of various job i.e. skill traits and interest they require i.e. be open to new idea 4 Seek a match between your strength and the requirement of the job. 5 Discipline yourself 6 Self esteem 7 consistent. Things that can kill the potentials 1 Pornographic pictures i.e. obscene magazines, novels 2 Wandering lust i.e. desire to establish and seek pleasure by physical contact. You lose your health, energy, time and interest in study Q.95v4 “We have created man in the best of mold………..” 3 Eating and talking too much. 4 Not showing concern on event around you. 5Wasting time on frivolities 6Procrastinatio 7Self defeat 8 Spend time to think and work on something of deep interest to you. 9Set a goal for the achievement of your area of interest .Count the cost and be ready to pay the price. 11 Get inspirations for action in that area. Action drives away fear. Action develops courage. 12 Reverence your goal Believe you can achieve it. Give it all it takes. 13 Avoid distraction of destiny. Have focus and be single minded. 14 Have the end reward in mind. Think daily about the honor, the achievement of the goal will bring to your life.


*THE END OF EVERY HOPE IS DEATH* My house, my car, my children, my certificates, my job, my husband, my wife, my families, my clothes,...