Thursday, April 23, 2015


One of the greatest people to walk on this earth was the prophet Ayyub (as). God had blessed this prophet with many good things in life. Ayyub had good health, lots of money, a loving family and a good living. He was very grateful to God for everything God had blessed him with. God decided to test Ayyub (as) by taking away all these things from him including his health. Ayyub (as) become ill and his body became riddled with insects and disease. In fact, all his body was afflicted apart from his heart and his tongue. Ayyub still remained grateful to God as well as being patient and pious. He would spend his time in worshipping God and never complained to anyone about his situation nor did he grumble. The people became worried that his illness might be passed onto them so they banished him from the town. Ayyub (as) had to move far away from the town in the place where people dumped their rubbish. His family and friends had left him and he became a very poor and lonely person with only his wife to look after him. Even in this state, Ayyub still continued to worship God and remained a good person. He never complained but instead was grateful to God for whatever little Allah had given him. He remained in this state for many years. Ayyub made a prayer and God cured him of all his illnesses. God restored his life with double blessings. Ayyub (a) had passed this test from God by showing gratitude in life.


School go beyond the four will of classroom but the happening within the classroom is very important and serve as instrumental to the development of child. The teacher needs to understand and well equipped to manage his/her class. A classroom is any place where learning takes place. One good teacher in a life time may sometimes change a delinquent into a solid citizen. HABIT OF A TEACHER IN HIS/HER CLASSROOM Communicate Manage Your Office Improve by the day -the-classroom Network Nature Relationship Communication:- Its helps the teacher to build better avenues of communication between you and your pupils in the classroom. Classroom Management Habits:- These habits will help you build a better classroom and more engaging learning environment which adheres with the 21st century. The following qualities should be abided:  Lead by example  Set major goals to prepare them for challenges  Be energetic and dynamic  Respect your pupils  Do everything to make them improve  Set Rewards for positive behavior Share experience and make jokes with your pupils in the classroom. Never give up on students. Ever. All these will make your classroom lively and interesting place of learning for your pupils. Remember – You are a role model in your classroom mould it well.

Monday, April 20, 2015


The victory of APC over PDP is Almighty God wish for; If GOD campaigns for you, even your enemies Desires to VOTE for YOU! If you don’t understand me, read the scripture book about the incident that happen before Moses Triumph over Pharaoh; Pharaoh Mischief with Her Mother and upon this God favour Moses to over-power him (Triumph). PDP Mischief with his Founder without realizing that, the wisdom of the Tortoise is inside the shell no one can take it away! for, a small garden is a forest.  Gen. Muhammadu Attended Provincial School, Katsina, now Government College Katsina.  Graduate 1961; He sat for the University of Cambridge WASCE examination together in 1961  with Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, ……………. etc.  He passed the examination in the second Division.  Attended United States Army War College  He became head of State of The Federal Republic of Nigeria (Military).  Nigerian President Elect 2015 Election. Sai Buhari (Sai BABA) ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………  Prof. Osinbajo born on March 8, 1957  Attended Corona School for his Primary Education  Attended Igbobi College Yaba between  Studied at the University of Lagos  Serve as Lagos State Commissioner for Justice  Nigerian V/President Elect 2015 Election. May Almighty God increase the wisdom of INEC Chairman Prof. Attahiru Jega for your Wisdom; courage, caution and determination toward your conduction of the 2015 Nigeria Election in General. It is impressive, unique and creativity for better democracy initiated for invention of PERMANENT VOTERS CARD (PVC ) & Card reader. The future of every Nation must be built on a solid foundations so that we can have both CHANGE / POSITIVE CHANGE toward tomorrow SUCCES / POSITIVE SUCCESS in this life and the life hereafter. Amin.


There is no gain saying the fact that one of the primary tools of ensuring development is qualitative education and it can only be achieved with elimination of certain identified challenges in the system and make improvement through effective means and programmes such as counselling services. One of the major areas of challenge in education sector in Nigeria, Lagos inclusive - is poor academic performance of students both in internal and external examination at various levels, as well as personality Maladjustment. Therefore, it is an area that needs to be properly resolved, specifically for schools. Researchers, Educationist, Psychologists and Guardiance Counsellors have found that not one fragment of the public (the main component of the education- teacher, society, family-student, father, mother, guardiance, brother, sister, a relative or even the child peer group and government) can be exonerated from the “falling standard” nor should be singled out for blame on the poor academic performance of students at all levels, and various indiscipline. Counselling is a helping relationship and it is a relationship to trust meant to bring about productive human relation premised on improved self understanding and clear understanding of others. Its introduction is also premised on the realization that people have had, they are having and they would have a problem they alone cannot solve. A very good example of such a problem is that of poor academic performance of students and personality Maladjustment which has manifested itself in all educational levels in the state. Also in the National policy on Education (1977, revised 1981; 1988 and 2004) in recognition of the importance of Counselling Services in school States as follow; “In view of the apparent ignorance of many young people about career prospects, and in view of personality Maladjustment among school children, career officers and Counsellors will be appointed in Post Primary Institutions.” Therefore, to enhance and improve students’ academic performance, appropriate Counselling Services as enumerated and should be given attention.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


The cosmos is full of meaning. It accepts nothing which is contrary to its nature and is not in accord with its design. Yet man wreaks evil and indulges in corruption on this our earth, the most fertile and exquisite portion of the universe. Truth is trampled upon in the name of progress and the cosmos, despite its meaningfulness, standby in silence. Its does not condemn the evil which is openly committed on earth. It does not proclaimed truth and falsehood for what they are. Does the cosmos contradict itself? Is it incapable of expressing itself? There are bird who sing melodiously, but is there no cosmic voice to proclaim the truth? There is, certainly, but God has silenced the voice of truth until the resurrection of man. When man rises from the dead, all things will testify to the truth. The whole universe will bear witness to the truth, and will give evidence before God. Justice will prevail. People will then realize that just as the cosmos possessed a sun to convert night into day, it also possessed a means of bringing to light such deeds as had remained concealed in obscurity. Those who had rebelled on earth will pay in full for their rebellion; they will be cast into the fire of Hell. Those who had served God will be rewarded for their righteousness; God will be merciful to them. They will be admitted to heaven, where they will enjoy an everlasting life of honour and content.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


God has created man with innumerable desires and longings. The means exist in this world for fulfillment of his desires, but even so, man is unable to fulfill them. Sometimes old age intervenes and sometimes man’s inherent limitations prevent him from achieving what he wishes; sometimes he is hindered by some weakness and sometimes he is not favoured by fortune. Is man fated to come into the world with all sorts of desires and then leave the world, disappointed at having achieved none of them? This is not the case: God has prepared a paradise for man where he will be granted all that he desires. After death man enters into a complete world, a world free of all defects. He will find there everything that he had longed for on earth but had been unable to obtain. Heaven after death is for those fortunate ones who live righteous lives on earth; who prove by their noble actions that they deserve an equally noble reward. Man will find in the next life the dream world which eludes him on earth. Only those who have paid the price in this life will deserve heaven in the life hereafter.


Morning follows night. That which was concealed in darkness is revealed in the light of day. This is a sign of what is to come. The light of eternity will tear the veils which have concealed the realities of human existence in the world. Everyone will appear in his true light. It will become clear who among us was masquerading as an ideal human being, while acting solely on baser animal instincts. It will become clear who was only paying lip service to righteousness. It will become clear who was falsely claiming to be a servant of God. The truth about many others will also be revealed on that day. People will realize the true importance of those whom they used to rate poorly. Those who were never honour in world gatherings will find honour among the angels. Those who were rejected by men will be accepted by God. Those who were wrongly accused of impiety in the world will be hailed for their piety in the presence of the Almighty God.


The pleasure of this world are short-lived. Its beauty soon fade from our vision. How much man longs for worldly honour and happiness, but before he has even begun to savour them, they begin to dwindle away to nothing. The world has everything that man wants, but it is not possible for anyone – even those who seem to have everything in life – to achieve all that they desire. Happiness is not necessarily the lot of the successful. Man, as a being, is perfect, but his world is tragically imperfect. His life is meaningless until he inherits a world free of all limitations and disadvantages. As a compensation for the incompleteness of this world, God has given us paradise. But gaining entry to it will be no easy matter. The price that has to be paid for an after-life of perfection is living through the present world of imperfection and being able to sacrifice this world for the next. This is the only way to enter paradise. Those who are not able to make this sacrifice will also enter an eternal world after death, but it will be a world of anguish and despair as opposed to one of joy and bliss.


*THE END OF EVERY HOPE IS DEATH* My house, my car, my children, my certificates, my job, my husband, my wife, my families, my clothes,...