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Thursday, April 2, 2015


God has created man with innumerable desires and longings. The means exist in this world for fulfillment of his desires, but even so, man is unable to fulfill them. Sometimes old age intervenes and sometimes man’s inherent limitations prevent him from achieving what he wishes; sometimes he is hindered by some weakness and sometimes he is not favoured by fortune. Is man fated to come into the world with all sorts of desires and then leave the world, disappointed at having achieved none of them? This is not the case: God has prepared a paradise for man where he will be granted all that he desires. After death man enters into a complete world, a world free of all defects. He will find there everything that he had longed for on earth but had been unable to obtain. Heaven after death is for those fortunate ones who live righteous lives on earth; who prove by their noble actions that they deserve an equally noble reward. Man will find in the next life the dream world which eludes him on earth. Only those who have paid the price in this life will deserve heaven in the life hereafter.


Wealth is one of use only when it can solve the problems of life. The greatest problem of believers concerns the next world, so they consid...



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