Thursday, March 24, 2016


The time will come to pass when the whole of creation will be gathered before the Lord. All voices will be silenced except for the voice of Almighty God our creator.

Only the truth will have any weight on that day. Nothing else will be of any consequence. On that day man will be judged.

Only death divides us from that day. We are all proceeding towards a fate which will bring us either eternal bliss or eternal torment. Every moment that passes is bringing us closer to the fate that is in store for us. We lose one day more in our lives every day the sun sets, and we will never have another chance like the present to prepare for this awesome day. We have only a comparatively short time (life) in this world, but we will  have to endure the consequences of our life on earth for ever either bliss or agonizing punishment.

We are soon going to leave this world where we are free to act, and enter another world where we will reap the consequences of our action; we must examine our lives before this happens. We will all have to stand before God one day. On that day, how fortunate will be those who are included among God’s faithful servants, for they will be honoured in heaven. How unfortunate will be those whom God will have nothing to look forward to except eternal torment and disgrace.


Death proves that man is alone. In this world, he lives with others. He has family and friends to keep him company and support him. But death will tear him away from all such attachments; it will isolate him from his friends. Death proves that, in this world, man stands alone; he has no friend or helper. 

Every day, everywhere, people see this happening. They see others living amongst family and friends in this world. Then suddenly death descends upon them and isolates them from everybody. They find themselves in a pit where is no one on either side. How strange and striking this event is; but few take heed of the lesson that it teaches.

In this world one has friends to help one at every stage of life; but after death one will be alone in the grave; one will have no contend with the angels alone; one will come before God with no one to support one.

Man thinks that he has everything in this world, but in fact he has nothing than illusion. Death comes to convey this reality to man in the most conclusive possible way.


Man has endless words at his disposal in this world; but there will come a time when he will be at a loss for words. There will be no one to listen to what he has to say, no press to print what he writes, and no loudspeaker to announce his words. The fool’s paradise which he had constructed for himself in the world will have been razed to the ground. He will look for some respite from anguish and despair, but there will be none.

If only man were to remember death, the things which make him cruel and unjust would become meaningless; he would realized that his actions are leading him towards Hell. Man cannot make use of the wealth which he holds so dear before death comes and severs him from his earnings for all time. If man were to remember this fact, he would not be so obsessed with self-enrichment in this world. People plot the destruction of others, but before they can carry out their plots, death comes between them and their enemies. If one constantly keeps this fact in mind, one will never seek to harm others; one will never plot the downfall of another.

No one is ready to buy a house which due to be demolished the next day. No one inhabits a city which is about to be devastated by an earthquake. If death were to be sickness, like everyone will prepared for it, for Death is unaffordable essential commodities that no one can afford it…… Yet everyone makes the much more serious mistake of ignoring the most severe earthquake which will strike us–death. Always remember that the particles of this earth can’t be like to the heavenly ones; time is ticking, for the end of every hope is death.


Death will surely carry man off. On the day of death the angels will come to take man before his Lord (The Creator).

It will not be long before man is carried off, but people know only about this happening to others; they do not realize that the same fate awaits them. They gossip about the demise of others, but they forget that one day the angels will also take them before the Lord to be judged.

People are good at finding faults in others, but they would do better to find faults in themselves.
They try to save themselves by justifying their actions, but they can only be saved by admitting their faults.

The day when man is taken before God will be the most awesome of days. If one is really aware of what this day means, one’s whole life will change. One will live in this world, but one’s mind will be focused on the Hereafter. One will weigh oneself today on the divine scales of justice on which everyone will be placed after death.

One who fears the hand of God will look on everyone’s death as if it were his own. When he sees someone being taken to a human court in handcuffs, he will think of his own fate, when he is brought into the Devine Court to be judged by the Lord of the Universe.


The final hour comes to everyone. It can come while one is sleeping, walking or lying in one’s bed. No one can escape this hour, though the form which it takes differs from person to person.

How strange death is. The flame of life is suddenly extinguished; a happy face abruptly fades into oblivion, as if it were less than dust; the aspirations and ambitions that one cherishes on earth are shattered in an instant, as if they were meaningless.

How meaningful life appears, yet its conclusion renders it meaningless. How free man appears to be, yet he is absolutely helpless before death. How dear man’s ambitions and desires are to him, but how mercilessly the hand of fate brings them to nothing.

If one only remembers death, one will never be arrogant. The secret of a good life is to stay within one’s own bounds: death alone can teach one the truth of this.

Death teaches one not to despise others, for soon one will be brought low oneself. Death reminds one not to crush others, for soon one will be crushed beneath tons of earth oneself.


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