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Thursday, March 24, 2016


The time will come to pass when the whole of creation will be gathered before the Lord. All voices will be silenced except for the voice of Almighty God our creator.

Only the truth will have any weight on that day. Nothing else will be of any consequence. On that day man will be judged.

Only death divides us from that day. We are all proceeding towards a fate which will bring us either eternal bliss or eternal torment. Every moment that passes is bringing us closer to the fate that is in store for us. We lose one day more in our lives every day the sun sets, and we will never have another chance like the present to prepare for this awesome day. We have only a comparatively short time (life) in this world, but we will  have to endure the consequences of our life on earth for ever either bliss or agonizing punishment.

We are soon going to leave this world where we are free to act, and enter another world where we will reap the consequences of our action; we must examine our lives before this happens. We will all have to stand before God one day. On that day, how fortunate will be those who are included among God’s faithful servants, for they will be honoured in heaven. How unfortunate will be those whom God will have nothing to look forward to except eternal torment and disgrace.



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