Thursday, March 24, 2016


Death proves that man is alone. In this world, he lives with others. He has family and friends to keep him company and support him. But death will tear him away from all such attachments; it will isolate him from his friends. Death proves that, in this world, man stands alone; he has no friend or helper. 

Every day, everywhere, people see this happening. They see others living amongst family and friends in this world. Then suddenly death descends upon them and isolates them from everybody. They find themselves in a pit where is no one on either side. How strange and striking this event is; but few take heed of the lesson that it teaches.

In this world one has friends to help one at every stage of life; but after death one will be alone in the grave; one will have no contend with the angels alone; one will come before God with no one to support one.

Man thinks that he has everything in this world, but in fact he has nothing than illusion. Death comes to convey this reality to man in the most conclusive possible way.

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