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Knowledge is the information, understanding and skills that you gain through education or experience Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary.

The prophet (SAW) said “knowledge is our lost heritage and wherever we find it we should grab it. Therefore it is compulsory for the Muslim to seek for knowledge from the cradle to the grave.

We should travel to any length in search of the prophet (SAW) said we should seek for knowledge even if it is in China.

Allah says if one who worships devoutly during the hours of night prostrating himself or standing (in adoration) who takes heed of the here after, and who places his hope in the mercy of his Lord. (like one who does not): Say, “Are those equal, those who know and those who do not know? His those who are ended with understanding that receive admonition )39:9) Narrated by Anas Ibnmalek: The messenger of Allah (SAW) said “whoever goes out searching for knowledge has the reward for him that marched out for fighting for Allah case until he returns “At-termiz( the prophet (SAW) said “seeking for knowledge is mandatory on Muslim” (Bukhari and muslim).

The knowledgeable are heirs to the prophet of Allah.

The prophet (SAW) said “the scholar are the inheritor of all the prophets of Allah.

The prophet (SAW) said “the best of you is he who has the knowledge of Quran and impact on another.

The prophet (SAW) said “after a man dies 3 things remain within. The provision he made, knowledge he has that people benefit from it, his righteous deed on the good child left than pray for him.

Narrated by Laa’ah Ibn Malek “I heard the messenger of Allah (SAW) saying “do not learn knowledge just to be a scholar to argue with the fool, nor to attract people toward oneself. He that does this Allah admits into hell fire.

Knowledge is utmost in our religion as Allah says in in Hadith Qudsiyy that we should know Him before we worship Him as we cannot worship Him without knowing Him (Hadith Qudsiyy)


It is the human custom to give name to their children at the seventh or eighth day of his birth, they give name to their other belongings apart from child, for identification purpose. But name serves more purpose than this. Have you forgot that Allah taught Adam the name of everything and made him a respected one in the sight of the angels but Shaytan received the wrath of Allah for not obedient. When you know the
name of things, you are excel in knowledge. Just know the names of things and do not forget again.

Allah gave name to many of His servants from the scripture like Maryam Yahya Ahmad and others. He
called them by their names like Yaa Musa, (O Musa!), Yaa Muhammad (O Muhammad!). If name is not
important God will not call His servant by their name in the scriptures.

The Prophet also said the responsibility of a good parent on a child is to give a good name to the child,
like the name of Allah, e.g Abdullah Abdul-Rahman. The name of the prophets like Ibrahim, Musa,
Dawud. And the name of the righteous like Uthman, Alli, Shittu e.t.c.

The other contemporaries of names is what the Arabic call Quniya or Laqob. Your alias and your
attributes. The A.K.A (alias) of Abdullah Ibn Abu Quafa is Abu Bakr (The Female Father) but, everyone
knows him as Abu Bakr. The attribute of the prophet is Abu Qasim (The Father of Qasim) or Rasulillahi
(The Messenger of Allah).
It is good to give yourselves good name, good nick name and good attribute like a “golden child, humble
boy, a child of paradise or the righteous friend”. The name you call yourself materializes, look at our
president Good Luck Jonathan. The luck work for him. It was accounted that:
 In his primary school, he was the assistant class captain, the luck work for him he became the class captain.
 The same thing happened to him in his secondary school
 The luck also work for him when he was the assistant senior boy, he became the senior boy
 In the University he was the assistant class governor, the luck gave a chance to him he became the class governor.
 He was the Vice President of the Student Union, his luck materialized he became the President of the Union
 Look at him again in politics, from Commissioner  Deputy Governor The Governor Vice President, now he has become the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, the highest cadre. It is God who put one in position and its He that remove at appropriate time.


They said Nigeria gained her Independence in October1, 1960,after years of colonization. Our Forefathers had suffered with their sweat and blood to realize this independence. But , it’s a pity, we adopted after years of suffering, we went on adopting a killing system of administration “DEMOCRACY” :’A government of the people,by the people and for the people’ but suppose to be a government of Allah, by the people of Allah and for the general people’.

After 50 years of zero achievement, yet the government is still proposing to lavish billion of naira to celebrate the day. From the word of a man , he said I will clock 50 this year, and I was born in October 1, 1960 for the fact that I am the same age with Nigeria, I can’t spend up to one hundred thousand to celebrate the day after my years of achievement.
Nigeria is a giant of Africa in the book. Nigeria is believed to be spoilt by the deceitful political leaders. During Campaign, they make different manifestoes, that, we will make Nigeria affordable, accessible, conducive and we will make it a London for all. All these are words of mouth. “Nigerian politicians don turn us to mumu”. After all we experienced in June 12, and the suffer that will experienced during Obasanjo, Babangida and Abacha’s terrain, yet they still rotate power within their strength, all their family and caucus still want to rule us. ”God go judge all of una very soon”
I will suggest that Nigeria should adopt these at their 50 years:
1. To realize their shortcomings (mistakes) both leaders and followers and do away from them.
2. To go back to Allah in repentance.
3. To re-brand their perception, thinking and their direction about Nigeria.
4. Above it all, Nigeria should adopt no other system again beside the system of GOD . It is not a violent law but a peaceful and comforting law for a quick and lasting salvation. A Nation with with Culture, without Cultural Troops.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


1. At the end, the only people who fails are those who never try again.
2. You never rise above the light, you are looking up to.
3. Great men are ordinary men, with extra-ordinary determination.
4. One man problem is another man’s opportunity.
5. What you will become must first be seen in your mind.
6. If you cannot fly run, if you cannot run walk, if you cannot walk crawl, by
all means just keep on moving.
7. Don’t think little, otherwise you will remain little and move with little.
8. Life is like a teacher the more you live, the more you learn.
9. When you know little more than others, You will lead them without stress.
10.If you marry a woman because of her beautify, is like eating a cow because
of its noise.
11. He who waste his time, waste his life.
12. A person who is not growing, is not worthy to exist.
13. The diseases of ignorant can only be cured in the school of knowledge.
14. It is better to discover why you were born, before you die.
15. Impossibility can only be found in the dictionary of a fool.
16. Don’t become a prey, despite you pray.
17. If you fail to destroy bad habit, definitely it would destroy you.
18. If a man has no purpose for living, then is not worthy to live.
19. Champions are those who never quit and never accept defeat.
20. Those who fails do not plan to fail, But fails, to plan.


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