Sunday, November 16, 2014


God is one, He is our creator, our sustainer and is the the Almighty God the source of all goodness. He can be seen everywhere in the universe through the imagination of his creation. His power is evident in the form of light and heat. He converts matter into greenery and flowing water. His glory is made manifest in colour, taste and fragrance. Motion and magnetism are evidence of His strength. Belief in a God of such supreme perfection is more than just a dogma. It illuminates man's soul and enraptures his heart. If one relishes a delicious fruit, and goes into ecstasy on hearing a tuneful melody, how then can one fail to be moved by the discovery of God, who is the fountainhead of all goodness. When one truly discovers God, He becomes like a fragrance and in blind for the love of the world because hes obeying the order of his creator and God become his everything for God is love and movement of his spirit which one saviours, a taste which one relish, a spectacles which captives one's vision, a melody which never ceases to thrill. God has created all these exquisite delights: His Being is their treasure house. Drawing close to God is like entering paradise which is the eternal life compare to the unsuccessful short life & short live of this earth. Believing in Almighty God its like dwelling in a garden of exquisite beauty and fragrance, or being close to the source of all light and eternal life in the life hereafter and the people of this world look at you like insane one and you also look at them like insane one because you believe, thinking, work, imagination, earing e.t.c are not the same toward this life and the life hereafter. May God Give Us Understanding and mercy to permit us success entering entering his Paradise. (Amin)


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