Tuesday, July 13, 2010


They said Nigeria gained her Independence in October1, 1960,after years of colonization. Our Forefathers had suffered with their sweat and blood to realize this independence. But , it’s a pity, we adopted after years of suffering, we went on adopting a killing system of administration “DEMOCRACY” :’A government of the people,by the people and for the people’ but suppose to be a government of Allah, by the people of Allah and for the general people’.

After 50 years of zero achievement, yet the government is still proposing to lavish billion of naira to celebrate the day. From the word of a man , he said I will clock 50 this year, and I was born in October 1, 1960 for the fact that I am the same age with Nigeria, I can’t spend up to one hundred thousand to celebrate the day after my years of achievement.
Nigeria is a giant of Africa in the book. Nigeria is believed to be spoilt by the deceitful political leaders. During Campaign, they make different manifestoes, that, we will make Nigeria affordable, accessible, conducive and we will make it a London for all. All these are words of mouth. “Nigerian politicians don turn us to mumu”. After all we experienced in June 12, and the suffer that will experienced during Obasanjo, Babangida and Abacha’s terrain, yet they still rotate power within their strength, all their family and caucus still want to rule us. ”God go judge all of una very soon”
I will suggest that Nigeria should adopt these at their 50 years:
1. To realize their shortcomings (mistakes) both leaders and followers and do away from them.
2. To go back to Allah in repentance.
3. To re-brand their perception, thinking and their direction about Nigeria.
4. Above it all, Nigeria should adopt no other system again beside the system of GOD . It is not a violent law but a peaceful and comforting law for a quick and lasting salvation. A Nation with with Culture, without Cultural Troops.

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