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Thursday, July 1, 2010


1. At the end, the only people who fails are those who never try again.
2. You never rise above the light, you are looking up to.
3. Great men are ordinary men, with extra-ordinary determination.
4. One man problem is another man’s opportunity.
5. What you will become must first be seen in your mind.
6. If you cannot fly run, if you cannot run walk, if you cannot walk crawl, by
all means just keep on moving.
7. Don’t think little, otherwise you will remain little and move with little.
8. Life is like a teacher the more you live, the more you learn.
9. When you know little more than others, You will lead them without stress.
10.If you marry a woman because of her beautify, is like eating a cow because
of its noise.
11. He who waste his time, waste his life.
12. A person who is not growing, is not worthy to exist.
13. The diseases of ignorant can only be cured in the school of knowledge.
14. It is better to discover why you were born, before you die.
15. Impossibility can only be found in the dictionary of a fool.
16. Don’t become a prey, despite you pray.
17. If you fail to destroy bad habit, definitely it would destroy you.
18. If a man has no purpose for living, then is not worthy to live.
19. Champions are those who never quit and never accept defeat.
20. Those who fails do not plan to fail, But fails, to plan.


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