Thursday, March 24, 2016


Death will surely carry man off. On the day of death the angels will come to take man before his Lord (The Creator).

It will not be long before man is carried off, but people know only about this happening to others; they do not realize that the same fate awaits them. They gossip about the demise of others, but they forget that one day the angels will also take them before the Lord to be judged.

People are good at finding faults in others, but they would do better to find faults in themselves.
They try to save themselves by justifying their actions, but they can only be saved by admitting their faults.

The day when man is taken before God will be the most awesome of days. If one is really aware of what this day means, one’s whole life will change. One will live in this world, but one’s mind will be focused on the Hereafter. One will weigh oneself today on the divine scales of justice on which everyone will be placed after death.

One who fears the hand of God will look on everyone’s death as if it were his own. When he sees someone being taken to a human court in handcuffs, he will think of his own fate, when he is brought into the Devine Court to be judged by the Lord of the Universe.

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