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Thursday, April 2, 2015


Morning follows night. That which was concealed in darkness is revealed in the light of day. This is a sign of what is to come. The light of eternity will tear the veils which have concealed the realities of human existence in the world. Everyone will appear in his true light. It will become clear who among us was masquerading as an ideal human being, while acting solely on baser animal instincts. It will become clear who was only paying lip service to righteousness. It will become clear who was falsely claiming to be a servant of God. The truth about many others will also be revealed on that day. People will realize the true importance of those whom they used to rate poorly. Those who were never honour in world gatherings will find honour among the angels. Those who were rejected by men will be accepted by God. Those who were wrongly accused of impiety in the world will be hailed for their piety in the presence of the Almighty God.


Wealth is one of use only when it can solve the problems of life. The greatest problem of believers concerns the next world, so they consid...



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