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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


The cosmos is full of meaning. It accepts nothing which is contrary to its nature and is not in accord with its design. Yet man wreaks evil and indulges in corruption on this our earth, the most fertile and exquisite portion of the universe. Truth is trampled upon in the name of progress and the cosmos, despite its meaningfulness, standby in silence. Its does not condemn the evil which is openly committed on earth. It does not proclaimed truth and falsehood for what they are. Does the cosmos contradict itself? Is it incapable of expressing itself? There are bird who sing melodiously, but is there no cosmic voice to proclaim the truth? There is, certainly, but God has silenced the voice of truth until the resurrection of man. When man rises from the dead, all things will testify to the truth. The whole universe will bear witness to the truth, and will give evidence before God. Justice will prevail. People will then realize that just as the cosmos possessed a sun to convert night into day, it also possessed a means of bringing to light such deeds as had remained concealed in obscurity. Those who had rebelled on earth will pay in full for their rebellion; they will be cast into the fire of Hell. Those who had served God will be rewarded for their righteousness; God will be merciful to them. They will be admitted to heaven, where they will enjoy an everlasting life of honour and content.


Wealth is one of use only when it can solve the problems of life. The greatest problem of believers concerns the next world, so they consid...



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