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Monday, April 20, 2015


There is no gain saying the fact that one of the primary tools of ensuring development is qualitative education and it can only be achieved with elimination of certain identified challenges in the system and make improvement through effective means and programmes such as counselling services. One of the major areas of challenge in education sector in Nigeria, Lagos inclusive - is poor academic performance of students both in internal and external examination at various levels, as well as personality Maladjustment. Therefore, it is an area that needs to be properly resolved, specifically for schools. Researchers, Educationist, Psychologists and Guardiance Counsellors have found that not one fragment of the public (the main component of the education- teacher, society, family-student, father, mother, guardiance, brother, sister, a relative or even the child peer group and government) can be exonerated from the “falling standard” nor should be singled out for blame on the poor academic performance of students at all levels, and various indiscipline. Counselling is a helping relationship and it is a relationship to trust meant to bring about productive human relation premised on improved self understanding and clear understanding of others. Its introduction is also premised on the realization that people have had, they are having and they would have a problem they alone cannot solve. A very good example of such a problem is that of poor academic performance of students and personality Maladjustment which has manifested itself in all educational levels in the state. Also in the National policy on Education (1977, revised 1981; 1988 and 2004) in recognition of the importance of Counselling Services in school States as follow; “In view of the apparent ignorance of many young people about career prospects, and in view of personality Maladjustment among school children, career officers and Counsellors will be appointed in Post Primary Institutions.” Therefore, to enhance and improve students’ academic performance, appropriate Counselling Services as enumerated and should be given attention.


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