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Thursday, April 23, 2015


School go beyond the four will of classroom but the happening within the classroom is very important and serve as instrumental to the development of child. The teacher needs to understand and well equipped to manage his/her class. A classroom is any place where learning takes place. One good teacher in a life time may sometimes change a delinquent into a solid citizen. HABIT OF A TEACHER IN HIS/HER CLASSROOM Communicate Manage Your Office Improve by the day -the-classroom Network Nature Relationship Communication:- Its helps the teacher to build better avenues of communication between you and your pupils in the classroom. Classroom Management Habits:- These habits will help you build a better classroom and more engaging learning environment which adheres with the 21st century. The following qualities should be abided:  Lead by example  Set major goals to prepare them for challenges  Be energetic and dynamic  Respect your pupils  Do everything to make them improve  Set Rewards for positive behavior Share experience and make jokes with your pupils in the classroom. Never give up on students. Ever. All these will make your classroom lively and interesting place of learning for your pupils. Remember – You are a role model in your classroom mould it well.


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