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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How do We Make Contact with God?

The solution to this problem is that everyone should re-examine this entire issue. If he is serious about it, he will certainly reach the conclusion that he has to discover the system of thought in which he may find the concept of God in its pure form — that there is only one God, one Truth and one message of God. A number of scholars, in quest of a solution to this issue, have carried out considerable research on this subject. One of these was a highly educated Bengali doctor, Nishi Kant Chattopadhyaye, who gave the answer at great length in one of his lectures delivered in Hyderabad (Daccan) in 1904. (This lecture has now been published in booklet form: Titled 'A Case of Discovery'.) He stated that in this matter, the actual problem is that all the religions revealed before the 7th century A.D., enshrined the concept of one God but, as time went on, it was not possible for their original scriptures to be preserved by their followers. In every religion the concept of God became subject to human interpolatiors. Hence the original teaching on the concept of God was no longer to be found in its pristine form. It was in the seventh century AD that Islam came to the world. Although Islam is a religion like other religions, its distinctive quality is that its original text has been fully preserved due to the availability of paper (papyrus) in its crude form at the time and with the invention of the printing press in times to come. That is why, now, for later generations (after the emergence of Islam) the greatest and the only source of knowledge of the right concept of God, in its pristine form, is Islam. Anyone who seriously wants to grasp the true concept of God has no choice but to turn to the Quran. According to the Quran, the Sacred Book of God, God is One. He alone is the Creator and Lord of man and the universe: He is, moreover, the Sustainer of the entire universe. God is a living being. He sees and hears. At all times and in every place, it is possible for man to contact God directly, without any intermediary. God Almighty can compensate for all shortcomings in man. God will come to man's rescue in both the pre-death and post-death period. God is a limitless source of solace and peace. God in all matters provides guidance to man through His prophets. God, being the Creator and Sustainer of man, is thoroughly familiar with his constitution. He is likewise aware to the fullest possible extent of human aspirations. That is why God alone can understand and provide for all the needs of human beings. Only such a God as this One God can be the God of man. No other 'supposed' divine being has the ability to fulfill human requirements. Man in every age has been desirous of a concept of God, which would be in tune with the urges of the nature he was born with. In response to these urges, religions in every age have furnished man with knowledge of God, but because in ancient times the method of writing-end copying manuscripts was far from flawless, religious books could not be preserved in their original, pristine form. Finally, thanks to the meticulous arrangements made for its preservation, the Quran, which was revealed at the beginning of the 7th century, remained fully preserved in its original form throughout the succeeding centuries - right up to the present day. The Quran thus gives the only authentic introduction to God. It is the only trustworthy source of information about Him. (For details, read Quran: An Abiding Wonder). Millions and millions of human beings have testified to the fact that it was only when they studied the Quran that they received that introduction to God, which their nature had been seeking all along. They have freely admitted that other concepts of God did not respond to the cravings of their inner nature. It was only when they were introduced to the concept of God in the Quran that their hearts cried out in acceptance. This was the God who could give them total fulfillment. Now anybody who is desirous of building his life along the right lines can discover God by studying the Quran. Without this, no one can build his future, neither in this world nor in the next eternal world.


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