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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Corruption has hit the nation; we are all living in destitution. It is in Nigeria that you see the Police taking bride. You can be killed because of ordinary N20. The hooligans would collect money from drivers forcefully. What has the government done to all the children that go to school without textbooks when free education was promised? All our government talks about are petrol and football. Since when we have been playing football, we haven’t won the world cup. Nigeria is called the giant of Africa but its economy is the weakest. Ghanians celebrate years of uninterrupted electricity supply. But in Nigeria, we have poor power supply. In some areas, they are given light once in a month. Youth will graduate with certificate seeking for employment but all their efforts turn futile. People turned to Neptomaniac because of this unemployment and also most women have taken to prostitute because of this unemployment. According to Sir Abraham Lincon. “Democracy can be defined as the government of the people, by the people and for the people”. If we look at the meaning of that definition, it will be much unwilled. Government of the people that is the government is owned and chosen by the people or citizens. Government by the people, which is controlled by the people. Government for the people, which is the country, is ruled by the citizens. Democracy is also a system of government set up in accordance with the principle of majority rules, popular representation, and fundamental human right. This above definition give the interest meaning of democracy by saying that democracy is a system of government, that is developed in line with the rule of people i.e the masses are those that set up the government. What could be the causes of our problems in Nigeria? What are the solutions to our problems? These are many questions that could be asked from Nigerians. The current most dreadful problems we are having in Nigeria is the problem of insecurity which the ‘government of the people’ could not find a lasting solution to. The ‘democratic’ government would do something only when the closest relatives of the RSVP in government are killed or kidnapped. Another problem that is being encountered in Nigeria is the problem of fuel. The government removed the subsidy on petrol leaving nothing to the masses except increasing the fuel pump price. We use the fuel to power our generator to generate electricity because the government didn’t give us adequate power supply; we also use this same fuel for our car, buses e.t.c because the government hasn’t provided good transport service. What I think could be the reason why we are suffering in Nigeria is because our government is callous and the masses are now resentful. The only lasting solution to these problems is that we should switch to Islamic law (divine) because human laws are bound to be defective. One of the branches of Islamic laws we are already practicing in Nigeria is the Islamic banking system which favours everyone. Then why can’t we start using Islamic laws which is divine? My advice to the youths is that when they are given the opportunity to rule, they should remember the masses and follow a saying by a scholar which says: “An idea materializes if people believe in it, show a sincere commitment for it’s success, increase their enthusiasm and readiness which lead to sacrifice and action for it’s realization” Lets pray for Nigeria toward the up coming Election for peace and success.


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