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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


As I strolled during one of the afternoon prep classes at school, the thought of how teachers are being treated in my country was in my mind. I walked into one of the quietest classes in the school; I couldn’t believe that the students known as the most hardworking juniors in the school were arguing. I wanted to know what could ever make these brains argue. A few minutes later, my question was answered on the sheet of a paper from each of the students. A student has asked the same question I was asking myself “Senior, why is it that we maltreat our teachers?” I was surprised because I couldn’t believe someone was thinking about the same thing that was plaguing my mind; better still a fair in complexion girl asked me the same question in a touching manner. “Why is it that we make our teachers feel worthless when they are the most useful people in the world”? Tears began to roll down my cheeks as I realized how brutal teachers are treated in this country, it took me thirty minutes to ponder on this question and another hour to answer the touching questions. Teaching is the most rejected occupation in Nigeria today. Nobody wants to be a teacher but they want to be taught. Considering a survey of University Matriculation Examination (UME) candidates were asked what they wanted to study in the University 10% wanted Medicine / Pharmacy, 20% wanted Agriculture / Horticulture, 20% wanted Law, 10% wanted Banking & Finance / Accounting and the rest wanted other courses except special education. 10% never want to go back to school. Teachers are never remembered no matter what they have done for us. They impart knowledge and build up the nation, but are never remembered for it. Must a teacher wait till he gets to Heaven before he gets his reward? Must a teacher suffer on earth to build other children’s’ future? In countries like Togo, Ghana and Gambia, teachers are treated like ambassadors and Senators; they ride the best Cars and live in the best houses. They are anything they require even without a strive to work to live. In conclusion, Nigeria would develop and be a great nation if only she would love and draw her teachers to her chest. At the end of the evening preparatory class, I asked the students what they wanted to be in future and they mentioned Doctors, Lawyers, Ambassadors, Bankers and so on. I asked if anyone wanted to be a teacher but only a student stood up and said “I would like to be a teacher” The only question left for me to ask myself was “who would teach my Kids?”


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