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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


“It is He who has created you from dust then from a nutfah, then from a clot, then bring you forth as an, infant, then to reach the age of full strength afterwards to be old though some among you die before, and that you reach an appointed term, in order that you may understand.” Human life has 3 phases childhood, youth and old age. After the age of 14-15, human being steps into the period of youth and he starts his full fledged life which is called youth. This is the golden age and it is this period that a man finds in him zeal and fervor, determining and courage. This is the stage that a person fumbles at every step. It is the age when zeal and passion have their say and rule over the life of an individual. Man is not the best creature only because of his power but for his reasoning, moral sense and spiritual force. Man needs his physical, rational and spiritual development in equal proportion for his perpetuation, welfare, success and prosperity. This development takes place right in young age. Man has been created by Allah to come and fulfill certain obligations in life. Allah says “la qad khalaqina li insane fi kabad” Man has been created to toil on earth”Q90v4. A good Muslim is not he who renounces the world but struggle and interacts with his surroundings. The prophet said “people are the dependant of Allah; the closest to Him are the most useful to His dependants”. The criterion for being a better Muslim is not simply salat, fasting and tasbih but its utility to others. Prophet (S.A.W) said (He who does not concern himself with the affair of the Muslim is not of them.) According to Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary, Potentials means possibility of something happening being developed or used. Allah said in Q6v165 “And it is He who has made you generation coming after generation, replacing each other on the earth. And He has raised you in ranks, some above others that He may try you in that which He has bestowed on you.” Natural potentials in man Mental ability Broad interest and abilities Communication skill Motivational strength- initiative and strong desire to accomplish things. Moral and spiritual soundness Knowledge Skill Desire Feeling for others 1 How to Identify Your Potentials Know your interest, goal and abilities i. e understand yourself thoroughly, how? A Directly from others i.e. by asking them their view about you. B Indirectly don’t compare yourself with others because each individual is unique. 2 Obtain information from specially trained person in the task of measuring individual differences i.e. psychologist. 3Learn the requirement of various job i.e. skill traits and interest they require i.e. be open to new idea 4 Seek a match between your strength and the requirement of the job. 5 Discipline yourself 6 Self esteem 7 consistent. Things that can kill the potentials 1 Pornographic pictures i.e. obscene magazines, novels 2 Wandering lust i.e. desire to establish and seek pleasure by physical contact. You lose your health, energy, time and interest in study Q.95v4 “We have created man in the best of mold………..” 3 Eating and talking too much. 4 Not showing concern on event around you. 5Wasting time on frivolities 6Procrastinatio 7Self defeat 8 Spend time to think and work on something of deep interest to you. 9Set a goal for the achievement of your area of interest .Count the cost and be ready to pay the price. 11 Get inspirations for action in that area. Action drives away fear. Action develops courage. 12 Reverence your goal Believe you can achieve it. Give it all it takes. 13 Avoid distraction of destiny. Have focus and be single minded. 14 Have the end reward in mind. Think daily about the honor, the achievement of the goal will bring to your life.


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