Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Anger a sudden and unpalatable feeling, which occurs when your adrenalin arouse. Adrenalin is a vein in the body which makes one angry anytime it arouses. A hadith of the prophet (SAW) says “Do not be angry” No matter how displeased you may be, try to control your anger. The Prophet (SAW) said in an hadith that when someone is annoyed or displeased he should sit if is standing , then lay down or perform ablution and observes two rakats of Nawafil. These will surely assist you clearing off your anger and always prevent annoyance. SIDE EFFECT OF NOT CONTROLLING YOUR ANGER  It can lead to committing suicides which is a sin in sight of Almighty Allah  It destroys ones achievements for the past years within some minutes ADVANTAGES OF CONTROLLING ONES ANGER  One will be a strong person in the sight of Allah and not the one that can fight  Controlling ones anger is a sign of respect and obedience to the Prophet of Allah  Patience is a shinning glory EFFECTS OF REGULAR FAILURE OF ELECTRICITY IN NIGERIA Electricity, the power that is usually used in building, providing light and makes machine work. Nigeria, a major provider of electricity but unfortunately for years now, has been experiencing a terrible situation with power failure. Regular failure of electricity has affected all aspects of life. Big organizations operate at very high costs and most small and medium organizations closed down because they can no longer bear the cost. Closure of most businesses render a lot of people jobless, thereby increasing crime rate because an idle mind is the devils workshop. There is always terrible noise pollution in the country due to regular power failure which resulted to the use of high duty generating sets by those who can make use of alternatives which are very noisy, disturbing and wasteful. People spend a lot of money on fuel and diesel. Nigeria supplies electricity to other nations but it has become a mirage for its citizens to enjoy electricity. Cost of living is so high in Nigeria due to constant power failure in the country. The high cost incurred in generating alternative is usually born by the consumers. The effects is felt and noticed in all the sectors of our economy, especially as it is evidenced in the rise in the price of all commodities, for instance; house rent, clothes, food stuffs, household equipments and even school fees. Investment rate is low due to low return owing to high cost of operation. This in turn scare international investors who are not willing to invest in an economy that does not encourage them. Another effect of regular failure is high cost of industrial production. Heavy duty machines are used for production and these require electricity to function but with the regular failure, alternative power supplies used are very expensive. In a bid to cut down this enormous cost created by power failure, low quality materials are gotten and the lives of people are endangered by the carbon monoxide gas that is released on daily basis into the atmosphere. The situation is usually worse during the hot season when everywhere is dry and requires cooling. During this period, a lot of home appliances, offices and hospital equipments have become monument of oft exhibition. The importance of electricity supply cannot be over emphasized. There is a great need for the government to look deeply into the issue of electricity without any delay if our country must grow into an all admirable nation. The government and the private investors are enjoined to put their resources together and save this nation out of total darkness.

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