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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


First aid is the first treatment given to an injured person before taken to the hospital. It is an emergency treatment given immediately after the injury to save the life of the injured person. A first aid box should be everywhere injury can take place like in the classrooms, hostels, fields, playing ground e.t.c. The first aid box should contain some instruments for treatment like Spirit, Cotton wool, Scissors, Plasters e.t.c The first aid has saved many lives. Take for example if someone got injured in a car accident and a first aid box was present in his car, materials available would be applied to rescue the injured person before getting to the hospital. In another scene, someone is involved is an auto accident and has no first aid box and other people to rescue do not also have their first aid box. They then decided to rush him to the hospital. But unfortunately the man died on the way. This was as a result of failure to have the First Aid Box. So on this note, I will like to urge all readers to cultivate the habit of having a first aid box in order to prevent the untimely death of their loved ones.


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