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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Uniqueness of Planet Earth

The planet earth is a unique exception in the Universe because of its rare qualities and attributes. All the numerous celestial bodies in the Universe are either huge fiery stars or rocky planets, with the sole exception of the earth, which has life and its accompanying support elements. It is to be noted here that 'exceptions' means 'intervention'; and 'intervention' proves the existence of an 'intervener'; and once the existence of an 'intervener' is proved, than the existence of God is automatically proved. I would like to say that in such a situation the choice we have is not between 'the universe with God', and 'the universe without God'. This is not an option. The real option is between 'the universe with God' or 'no universe at all'. As we cannot opt for the proposition "no universe at all", since the universe is too obvious a fact for us to deny its existence, therefore we have no option but to accept the proposition of "the Universe with Almighty God.



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