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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Beginning of the Universe

Let us begin from the beginning. Science tells us that 25 billion years ago there was a Big Bang in space. After this Big Bang our universe came into existence. Scientists have found evidence to believe that in the beginning there was that they call a cosmic ball. All the particles now present in the universe were tightly bound to each other in this cosmic ball in a highly compressed state. According to the known physical laws, only an inner journey was possible for these particles. Physically, there was no possibility of their outward journey in space. Then, according to astronomical studies, this cosmic ball suddenly exploded. The compact particles scattered outward and the present universe came into existence, perhaps within the space of a few minutes. What external source caused the intervention so that the compact particles scattered outwardly? It was an intervener or Almighty God. It was a violent explosion and we know that every explosion is destructive, except one, which is pre-planned. Chernobyl of Russia is an example. It was a sudden explosion, which proved totally destructive. On the other hand, there is the example of exploding rocks to build tunnels. This second type of explosion is always pre-planned, and as such, is always constructive in its result. The Big Bang explosion resulted in a universe that is highly constructive and meaningful, in every sense of these words. This miraculous phenomenon is enough to make us believe that the Big Bang explosion was certainly pre-planned. And when it is proved that it was pre-planned, it is automatically proved that behind this pre-planned there was a planner, indeed a Super Planner. And it is this Super Planner who is God Almighty. When reflect deeply about our world, we find that all over the universe there are clear signs of planning, design and intelligent control. These signs lead us to believe that there is a Creator of creatures, there is a Designer of designs, and there is a Mover of all movements.


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