Thursday, March 24, 2016


Every soul shall taste death. Those who see will become sightless and those who speak will be silenced. When death overtakes us, we will leave this world and enter the next world. We will leave this world never to return and enter a world in which we will have to abide for ever. We will be removed from the worldly arena of our actions to an arena where we must suffer the eternal consequences of our deeds.
We are closer to death than life. People think they are alive, but it would be truer to say that they are dead, for no one knows when death will come. Death is already upon us. It is not a future event.

Everyone is moving towards death. Some set their eyes on the world, others on eternity; some live for that which meets the eye, others for that which lies beneath the surface. In this world both types of people appear the same but, in relation to their final destination, they are very different. Those who live God-oriented lives are safe, while those who live self-oriented lives are destroying themselves. Everyone shall learn what he or she wrote; for, the end of every hope is death. 

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