Sunday, March 20, 2016


The greatest calamity afflicting our world is that one million people die every day. No one knows, of those who are alive today, who will be dead tomorrow. Every one of us shall taste death, but no one know when death will come. We do not know which of our fellow men will leave this world tomorrow, and who will remain to receive this message.

Every one of us is hastening towards this fate. Everyone who is alive today is in danger of dying tomorrow. Then we will not have the chance to warn others, nor they thee chance to listen.

Under these circumstances, it is clear what our real task must be: we must dwell on the life after death and warn our fellows of it, for this is the real issue of life. There are over four billion people on earth, and this task applies to each and every one of them. Everyone is ignorant of the reality of life, and everyone needs to be informed of it. If a strong hurricane is approaching, one

Forgets trivial matters. Death is greater than a hurricane. If one were to realize this, one would think and speak about death more than anything.

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