Monday, March 30, 2015


Lottery has been rendered to be synonymous with gambling which has given it a negative image in some circles, right from centuries back. Lottery however is the drawing of lot for a prize, the whole objective of which is to raise money for projects for a good cause for humanity. It is therefore rather wrong to describe lottery as a form of gambling which connotes nothing than a negation, evil, cheating, and deprivation of others of their hard earned monies or possession. Gambling is precisely risk taking which may eventually end up in loosing out your money or any or all your possessions. It can be explained that gambling or the gambler employed the lot process to push forward dispossession of people of their wealth while LOTTERY on the other side stand as a way of raising the welfare standard of the people through drawing lots to raise monies to improve and support the good cause and welfare project for humanity. However it is worthy to note that a Gambler can claim to be operating Lottery while actually what he is doing is a clear cut Gambling. A staff should be able to distinguish a lottery operation from gambling as Gambler copies an apply also the lot process. The lot process is a way by which transparently a choice is made or a selection is arrived at, and impartially the winner is also picked. The lot has so many procedures. It can positively be applied or negatively applied. If corruption appears, it may become like Gambling where the accrued money is not used for the purpose for which it was gathered to help the poor people.

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