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Monday, January 27, 2014


Rākib returned from school very late. He was really worn out. He managed to eat something. He laid in his bed and switched on the fan. He had no doubt that he would soon sleep off to replenish his lost energy. Alas! It was a different story. His eyes were as alert as of one who had slept for a whole day. He rose suddenly and dashed for his book shelves and scattered the books. It was obvious he was looking for an important document. He brought out a medium sized envelope containing a love card, love letter and a photograph of the sender. He picked the flowery card and read the content aloud. To My Love, I’m yours forever. My love for you is boundless. You are the man of my Dream. I love you from the depth of my soul. Your Only Love, Rākibah. Rākib sighed and smiled. He kept the card aside as if it were something fragile. He opened the letter and read through: My dearest Rākib, “Our love is a divine design. My beauty and your handsomeness are natural elegance. I’m short of words to describe my love for you. One thing I know is that I can’t love any other person like you. Allah is my witness that I’m honest with you. I hope you will reciprocate this gesture. Do always remember me in your supplications. I’m for you, what about you?” Your Love, Rākibah Were he to explain the effect of these lines on him, he would definitely be short of words. He felt fulfilled and reassured of the future love. Poor Rākib! He forgot to obey Allah by lowering his gaze. He differentiated between Rākibah in person and her photograph. He simply looked on, admiring her innocent, gentle, loving, comforting, attractive, convincing and true smile. He thought of something but could not express it. He could no longer hide his feelings. He solemnly expressed: “I wish you are here Rākibah! I would have shown you how truly I love you. My mind is pensive. I have seen. I have read. Oh! I’m in love. I need you now.” He slept off, lost in his own thoughts. If not for the sweet dream he had, the night would have been a nightmare for him. He woke up much later, though at an unusual time. A strong feeling dawned on him that he was heading for the avoidable. He said: “I must, at least visit Rākibah today. She is staying alone after all and more importantly Islām is not against visitation.” As soon as this thought became settled in his mind. His mood changed instantly. He became relieved and overjoyed with this opportunity of paying her a lovely visit. The day started and he was not in any way feeling hungry. So there was not any need to prepare breakfast. He left for school promptly. His lecture ended at exactly 1.00 pm. Rather than his usual habit of tarrying and subsequent missing of the Zuhr prayers in congregation, he got to the mosque before the call to prayer. He said his prayers and set out on his planned visit. When he got to Rākibah’s residence, her movement chart indicated that she had gone to the market. He waited patiently. Some minutes later, he saw her coming. On sighting him from some distance, she halted in amazement and then resumed her walk. On getting to him, she greeted him. He replied almost immediately with a sense of fulfillment. Rākibah: Youuuu! (She said amazingly) Rākib: So, don’t you want to see me? Rākibah: I have not said so and I don’t mean that. How are things? I miss you sooo much! Rākib: Thanks and I’m sorry! Rākibah, I tried to come before now but for my busy schedule. Please don’t be angry…and I really missed you too. I’m here now for you to see me and to see you. Rākibah: Oh, that is kind of you. That’s lovely and thanks so much. May Allah reward you abundantly. Actually I’ve been preoccupied with some assignments too and alhamdulillah, I’m through…can’t you even help me to carry one of these items? Rākib: I’m sorry. Bring this one. It’s a bit heavy. Is this how you carry it all the time? Rākibah: Yes! Since this place is not motorable and I don’t personally like boarding bikes. (They got to the door; Rākibah dropped the items to open the door). Rākib: Where do I drop this? Rākibah: By that table. Thanks so much. What do I offer you now? Rākib: Don’t bother. I’ve already achieved my aim of coming and I think I should be going so that… Rākibah: So that what? That is a joke, isn’t it? Why do you have to go? Is it because of our being alone? I wonder why you have come in the first instance! I think we may have to part peacefully… Rākib: What informs that? Rākibah: You informed it. Is it a crime to be attached? If it is, then I will rather detach myself. Sincerely, I must tell you my mind. All this while, you have not been showing deep and warmly concern like others to their fiancés. Letter, you will not write! Mails, you will not send! Cards, you will not send! You don’t even call these days. Gifts you will not give! Where then is the love and concern? I think love is not a one-way traffic. Thank God it’s not too late… Rākib: Relax! Rākibah! Why are you talking to me like this? These are things you could have observed for long. I have always thought that the going is well, unknown to me that you have catalogue of things against me. If you feel you are no more interested in the relationship, I think it’s not too late to quit. But I know that I sincerely love you. I do these things so that we’ll not become so close as to fall into sin. I know my nature, which of course you may not know. That is the situation. Rākibah: That is the situation indeed, but I understand it. Do you want to say that you understand the Qur’ān more than brother Ghawth? Yet he rarely fails to visit his “Hajia” on weekly basis. You know his fiancé is my close friend and we discuss a lot. Anytime he visits her, they have nice time, sharing ideas and eating together. What I know is if people are not married, they should have ‘fun’! But I’m not aware there is any provision in the Islamic law that they cannot exchange pleasantries and ideas. Anyway that is how I feel. But I’m sorry if you feel offended. I do not mean to torture our love. I only want us to be closer. Rākib: It’s okay. In shāllah, I’ll see what I can do to improve our relationship. Rākibah: Please, I want to make a request. Rākib: What is it? Rākibah: Let me prepare something for you to eat. Rākib: So far as it will not be more than thirty minutes. Rākibah: I promise. In no time, she prepared a delicious meal – fried egg, bread and tea - for him. They engaged, meanwhile, in some general talk. Rākib thanked her and was about to leave when she held him by the two palms and said, “Please, give me a kiss”. Rākib was shocked and sensed what was likely to happen. Before he could organize himself, Rākibah had planted a hot kiss on his cheek. Rākib could not believe what had happened. He pushed her away and dashed out of the room. That night Rākibah was not at ease. She could not fathom what led her into such obscenity. She lacked the courage to speak to Rākib on phone. She felt highly remorseful. She was sleepless. She later sent him a text message stating that she was really sorry for what happened and that it was infatuation. He did not reply her and went on to delete it instantly. Rākib made up his mind to forget about her. He could not imagine what could have remained of his morality if he had fallen for her antics on the way. He remembered that he was the one that went to visit her at her residence. He shrugged saying, “it’s still good, and at least, I have been able to know what sort of a person she is.” A week later, he met her on the way home. His response to her Tasleem was wry. He just passed by her without even uttering a word. Rākibah could not help but burst into tears, thus creating an incomprehensible scenario before the onlookers. She later confided in one of her confidants. On her behalf, she met Rākib. He responded bluntly that, “if Allah (SWT) wills, we may still be together.”


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