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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Nigeria my blessed country, a country full of green leaves and flowers, a country blessed with lots of natural resources a country full of arena of green surroundings: Nigeria the most populated country among the Africa continent the home of fertilization and beauty. Nigeria became independent on 1st of October, 1960. It has been ruled with lots of bad leaders and rulers; it had been ruled with lots of injustice and blood shedding. Nigeria our beloved country, the country of hospitality the country full of ancients and interesting things. What went wrong? Now our leaders has ruined the country., it is now made of blood and cries of the people in 1963 – 1966 his excellence Nnamdi Azikwe ruled Nigeria after gaining independence from the British it has one of the best regime in 1960 – 1906 Nigeria had a good prime minister who ruled well but due to his cabinet people who wanted him to rule badly and he didn’t so he was coupled up and killed in January 1975 –July 1976. Another good regime was led General Muritala Muhammad who was killed by Bunka Simka Dimka Now the fuel has risen there have been fuel subsidy from #65 to #141 until the masses begged the president he reduced it to 97. When the Kerosine and diesed prices increased nothing was done. Yet you see the president growing healthier and looking good while we the masses are suffering. if our president himself remembered when he was not putting on shoe to school. Then he would reason and stop the useless rules he is laying for us. Example of a family of 8 depending on #5000 in a month how will they survive? Food, money has risen and all other things yet you see Jonathan eating #1 million naira food per meal where is the food going to? What is he eating? We , Nigerians let us stand up and continue to fight for our right. Do not lose hope lets be hopeful that better learders will soon emerge. Look at the Egypt’s protest, let’s continue our struggle and let’s fight corruption so as to make Nigeria greatJonathan don’t punish the masses rather punish the Cabals.


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