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Friday, June 14, 2013

Standby for the holy month of Ramadan

Praise be to God, who arrived slaves grace and range, and the age of their hearts with the lights of religion and functions, and make every affair in worship, and the type of worship by judgment and wisdom, we praise Him Almighty and seek His help and forgiveness and repent to him and seek refuge with Allah from the evils of ourselves and our disadvantage, of Allah guides not misleading him , and not mislead Hadi him, and I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone with no partner, no rad to the order does not overturn the will, and I bear witness that the Prophet Muhammad Abd Allah and His Messenger best creation and Akram Brith, O Allah, bless and peace be upon your servant and Messenger Muhammad, his family and all his companions and followers in truth until the Day of Judgment. The distance / O you believers, I advise you and myself to fear Allah and obey him, and the contest deeds to forgiveness and his committee, and thanked him for cream gifts and very much a blessing, and beware of sins they key to his anger and نقمته, {and fear Allah, that ye may obtain mercy} (closets 10) Here is the month of Ramadan, had approached his shadow, and the DNA of his time, a month grace of God to other months, and there is no unparalleled in the corridor of the ages, God made fast one of the pillars of Islam, and the nights of redundancy bones, the month of the recitation of the Quran, the month of mercy and forgiveness and emancipation from the fire, on how many answered invitations! And increased the Favors! And how it degrades from evil deeds, and doubled the score. Training course for Ramadan: Dear brothers Muslims, the month of August is a month of training and educational qualification and Lord, accepts it for a Muslim to be eligible for obedience in Ramadan, reads in the month of August everything related to the month Rmassan and means اغتنامه, and equip program in Ramadan, and charting functions charity, making the month of Shaaban training course For Ramadan, فيحرص where a lot of reading the Koran and fasting and other acts of worship, and this makes the month overlooked by many people as a strong impetus and the movement of qualifying for more obedience and goodness in Ramadan, it (August) training course for the Ramadan fast so as not to enter a Muslim in Ramadan hardship and the cost, but have Train to fast and habit, and found in Siam Shaaban before Ramadan, the sweetness of fasting and delight, enters the fast of Ramadan vigorously, and in order to achieve this, this rehabilitation program educational carried out by Muslims in the month of August in preparation for the holy month of Ramadan: 1_ configuration faith devotional: _ Sincere repentance and quit sin and leave the evil, and the popularity of God, and to open a new page pure white. _ A lot of prayer, "God bless us in August and reached Ramadan", "God gave to Ramadan Ramadan and handed us and he took us receptive" du'aa powerful images subsidy on the configuration of faith and spirituality. _ A lot of fasting in August of the same breeding and preparation for the advent of the holy month of Ramadan Rehab _ live in the Holy Quran to achieve full cohabitation with him in Ramadan. _ Tasted the sweetness of the night of August, and taste the sweetness male, and attendance prescribed traditions in the morning and evening and said God if at all. 2_ create a resolute determination to: _ Holding faith and sincerity face to God, and bring more than faith now, and those intentions, for example: the intention to repent to God, the intention of opening a new page with God, the intention of correct behavior and evaluate the morality, the intention of fasting pure God, the intention of sealing the Quran more than once, intention to do night and Tahajud, the intention of a lot of redundancy, the intention of the application of science, the intention of the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, the intention order to help the people, the intention of working for the religion of God and his victory, the intention of Jihad with money ... _ Make the days of Ramadan is normal nowadays. _ Building houses of God and prayers are all witnesses in the group, and revive the dead of the ways of worship such as: staying in the mosque after dawn until sunrise, the first initiative to rows and by prayer retreat structure ... _ Salama al-Sadr. 3_ scientific configuration: _ Attend science councils, lessons Almsadjadah and is Almsadjadah championships, in preparation for Ramadan. _ Read provisions of and jurisprudence fasting fully, and find out all the details for fasting, and knowledge of the functions of the month of Ramadan and the secrets of fasting, and read the interpretation of the verses of fasting. _ Listening to tapes of lectures scientists about the reception Ramadan, and preparing for it. 4_ family configuration: _ Initialized in the house of the wife and children of this holy month, and how to prepare for this honored guest and a program for it. _ Prepare Ramadan gift from now for submission for people تأليفا for hearts, Thabiba in obedience to God and demand it. 5 _ a jihadist configuration to achieve the meaning of "applying self-restraint" and through: _ Carrying self-trained endurance and patience with the hardships. _ Training on Jihad tongue, it is not commit any obscenity, and Jihad the abdomen not Istzl, and Jihad lust do not control, and self-Jihad, not overwhelm, Jihad devil do not have fun. _ Prevent the breath of some of what you want from the luxury of living, and asceticism in the world and when people, and non-involvement in the luxuries of food, drink and clothing. 6_ physical configuration: the loss of halal and avoid haram, because God is Good and only accepts good. Vtahbwa رحمكم God اغتنامه, and Oazbwa to worship in his nights and days, it is reached by God's holy month of Ramadan, which enabled him to do good works were of great grace of him, rejoice in the very joy. God made me and you who fasts Ramadan and the nights, and spend the rest of his life as pleases Him, I say this and ask forgiveness from God Almighty you and me and all the Muslims from all guilt Fastgvrōh, He is the Forgiving, the Merciful. Second Sermon Praise be to Allah who has completed our religion and did us by grace, and bless us Islam is a religion, praise Him Almighty and thank him, and repent to Him and ask His forgiveness, and I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone with no partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger, may Allah bless him and his family and his companions peace and recognition often . The distance / Obey God exalted right of piety. O Muslims, the numerous tragedies Muslims, and abounded slaughter and oppression facing our nation in various parts of the world are terribly Ataftr his heart of every Muslim jealous, and that will end the tragedy until the other begins and almost ends massacre even followed her sister, and shame in our nation's ongoing humiliation and clear so we the most vulnerable people on earth for such calamities and Muslim blood has become cheaper blood at all, and the reason for that dear listeners? The reason for the nation's deficit is a short distance from the debt which is the source of the throttle and victory. And treated in its return to God faithfully until you return her pride and strength thereby protecting themselves and their children, and Anasrha God on their enemies, and this is the solution basis must for every Muslim to initiate hustling him. Allah says: {O ye who believe استجيبوا God and the Messenger if called you for greeting and know that Allah converts between a man and his heart and that to Him shall} (al-Anfal: 24) and saying: We wrote in the Psalms, after mentioning that the earth shall inherit Ebadi righteous, that in this tip for people who Abdeen} (the Prophets: 105 - 106), and saying: God has promised those of you who believe and work righteous deeds, to Istkhalvenhm in earth as استخلف who before them, can I have a religion which embraced them and Abdlnhm after their fear safer worship me, do not associate me something and then Kafr Those are reprobates} (Nur: 55) O Allah, grant us the fear and turn to you, and inspired adulthood and guidance in your religion, and do not make the world's largest Our concern, and the amount of our knowledge, we have introduced the mercy of Paradise with the righteous, O Aziz Ghaffar. Oh God, forgive the believers, men and women, and Muslim men and women, living and dead, Oh God, make our country safe reassuring generous welfare and other Muslim countries, you listens nearby Mujibur invitations.


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