Friday, June 14, 2013


Beloved brethren, another opportunity has come in the glorious month of Ramadhan. The month of mercy, forgiveness and liberation from hellfire. A period of complete devotion to Allah when the Muslim world experiences perfect peace and brotherhood. It is a the month of the Qur'an, the month of blessings, the month of repentance and the month of profitable transaction with Allah (‘Azzawajalla). We therefore need to increase our zeal and enthusiasm in order to maximize the reward therein and re-affirm our status in paradise. In order to achieve these the follow are recommended as daily activities for the month 1. Endeavour to create Ramadhan awareness in the neighbourhood .through greetings (via the media, public lecture, printing of flyers, handbills or pamphlets at least a week before Ramadhan 2. Strive to place Ramadhan messages in homes, neighbourhood mosques and centres. 3. Strive to mobilise funds to sponsor Tafsir on air at least three times 4. Strive to make Rabaniyyah (getting close to Allah) your focus for this Ramadhan 5. Hasten towards sincere repentance: “And repent unto Allah all together OH believers that you may prosper”. 6. Adopt the policy of mutual forgiveness, pardon and overlooking to preserve the bond of brotherhood. “The Believers are but a single brotherhood” 7. Constantly renew the intent and purpose of every action no matter how unimportant they may be “Actions are but with intentions” 8. Ensure you are constant with the daily solawat in Jama’a especially Subhi and Ishai. 9. Strive with determination to read the whole Qur`an at least two times in the month since the Qur`an was revealed in it. 10. Be steadfast in the daily nawafil (tarawih, witr solatu duha etc) for they are highly rewarding. 11. Engage relentlessly in the praiseworthy adhkar viz tasbih, tahmid, tahleel, takbir and solatu alan-Nabiyy ( SAW) “Let not your tongue waiver from the constant remembrance of Allah” 12. Take time out to visit relations especially parents, and break the fast with them as frequent as possible. 13. Hasten to provide food for fasting Muslims as much as is convenient, for you will get the replica of their rewards 14. Do not hesitate to have iftar with fellow brethren especially in your area at least once in the month. 15. Pay adequate attention to your spouse(s) and the children in Ramadhan by taking iftar with them at least once a week as well as gathering them and supplicating together for the family and Muslims generally. 16. Endeavour to recite dua` Raabitah at every Magrib time or at breaking of fast. 17. Find ways to put a smile on as many Muslims faces as possible for this is pleasing to Allah. 1. Create time to perfect and revise your memorization of Juz ‘Amma 2. Study and reflect upon the book of Allah, even if it is a verse per day; Suratu Ma’idah (ch.05) is suggested. It is for you to study, understand and imbibe what your relationship must be with non-Muslims, especially the Jews and the Christians. 3. Cultivate the habit of spending everyday ( Sodaqoh) no matter how little 4. Ensure time consciousness in all you do so that no portion of the month is wasted because “Time is life” 5. Always remember the Muslims in your prayers because prayer is the brain of worship and also the sword of a believer. 6. Try to attend tafsir sessions at least once a week. 7. Create time to visit the sick as this will remind you of Allah’s favour on you. 8. Do not hesitate if you have the means to perform the Umrah particularly in the last ten days of Ramadhan. 9. Give special focus to the last 10days for seclusion in the mosques, I’itikaf{ either fully or partly, especially its nights } for in them lies the laylatul Qodr which is better than a thousand months 10. Be eager to give out the Zakatul fitr at the stipulated period of time 11. Participate and enjoin others too in observing solatu Eid with brethren 12. Observe the Islamic injunctions particularly lowering of gaze to maximize rewards 13. Ensure physical fitness through body exercise for about 15minutes daily. 14. Be informed about happenings around the world by listening to news in both print and electronic media. 15. Ensure you read and comprehend chapters from the book tittled ‘Muslim Character’ by Muhammad Al-Gazali, especially that areas that relate Iman to good character. Bad or weak character or manners is an indication of Weak Iimaan 16. Ensure you participate in the Qur’anic/Rabbaniyyah sessions for it helps a lot in your spiritual growth. May Allah seal all our efforts with paradise. Amin


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