Friday, June 25, 2010


Malpractice can be defined as a wrong doing or any illegal act which against the rules and regulations binding an organization or society. Malpractices are detected in different organization and different professions, as every organization have rules that are guiding them, all the members of the organization or society must adhere to taste rules to avoid unwanted actions against them. These rules are the policy in which the organization follows. It is refers to as the “ethics in practice”. However, any malpractice that is contrary to these ethics are refers to as malpractice. In schools, one malpractice that is very common is EXAMINATION MALPRACTICE.

The students are now in the habit of doing illegal practice in order to pass. Some pay people to impersonate on their behalf to write the exam and others run after the link out questions before the date of the examination.

The consequence of these illegal practices are enormous, The students that indulge in these acts end up carrying about the certificate that they would not be able to defends some of them fail during the periods of interview to get job and those who are able to scort free put the organization they work with into an endless regret, due to their failure to perform. Moreso, many students that rely on these shortcuts have turned negative attitude to learning, they are so lazy in their academics as they are assured of success. It destroys the students’ learning stimulus readiness to work.

In view of the student that are caught with these malpractices they gain automatic expellation, certificate turn down and bring shame to their home. Some parents are today heart broken because of the act. These student carry the shame about for the rest of their lives.

Finally, it is better to work hard and succeed than to cheat or look for any shortcut. Remember, there is always penalty for every cheats.

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