Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wealthy Goals Advice!

1.The objective of entering paradise and avoiding hell can only be achieved
By adequately pursuing the mission of the worship and the vice gerents of

Set your goal for life and Aspire to make a Success of your life.
To achieve Success in your Academic pursuit. Set a goal or target for yourself
So that you can follow it up. But the important thing is that you can’t start with
goals; you must start with purpose. The reason why most goal setting programs
fail is because they are linked to a purpose you care about. The purpose of goal
setting is to focus our minds and our imaginations. Writing your goal down in
black & white forces you to focus on them.
Always aim to be at the fore-front. Do not be a back – benches.
Never accept defeat because no defeat is final until you stop trying.
You are the architect of your life, design and build it well.

- Always cultivate the habit of being happy and make people happy.
- Failure is a stepping stone to success so never give up failure.
- Be in the company of people who can help you to attain success because
- an adage goes thus:- The ornithological specimen of the same plumage
- congregates within the same proximity.

And above all, be prayerful and be conscious of God because “the timidity of the
Omnipotent is the commencement of sagacity.

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