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One of the counseling services is to provide information services in such a way that will enhance
an individual understanding of the issues in his surroundings.

Information service is generally the collection and dissemination of valid and usable information
relating to the educational. Vocational and Personal Social needs of the individual.
Zerran and Riccio (1962) Sees Informational service as the assistance given to a student to under-stand, accept and utilize his abilities, aptitude interest and attitudinal pattern, in relation to his aspirations .

This implies that information service is designed to help each students adjust to his environment,
development, development his total educational and Vocational Programme (Olayinka, 1986)
Information services are needed to plan the future putting into consideration opportunities and
personal abilities or characteristics.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) was established by Decree or an a it No 2 of 1978, subsequently amended by Decree (AIT) No 33 of 1989 and 1993. By the virtue of the Act, the Board is empowered to be responsible for the - general control over the conduct of Matriculation Examinations into all degree awarding, Universities, Polytechnics, Innovative
Enterprises Institutes, Monotechnics and Colleges of Education in Nigeria. – appointment of
examiners, moderators, Invigilator, Members of the subject panels and committees and other
persons with respect to Matriculation examinations. - Placement of suitably qualified candidates in the tertiary Institutions in collaboration with those institutions.

The board conducted the first matriculation examination for entry into all Degree – awarding, other Degree – Awarding Institutions in 1979, Polytechnic and colleges of Education in 1991, Monotechnics in 1998 and in Innovation Enterprises Institutes in 2009 .

It is often said that a well informed individual make a more effective plans for the future. Hence,
If individuals are informed, of all the available Job opportunities and the qualifications needed,
they can therefore plan more realistically their future careers.

Information on general guidance’s that will assist the individual to make correct and right decision on seeking admission into Nigerian Tertiary Institution. It is aim to serve as Educational Information which has been defined by Norris, Zeran and Hatch (1976) as: ……………. Valid and useable data about all types of Present and Probable future educational or training opportunities and requirement including Curricular and Co-Curricular offerings, requirement for entrance and conditions and problem of student life.

This was further amplified by Ipaye (1986) to mean the information relating to education which
students need with respects to location of available educational institutions course or subjects
offered and entry requirements as well as list of fees and grading system.
However this publication only centered now on giving correct information about Jambs, new Policy of UTME, Courses, Institutions among other.

Jamb clearly stated in the introduction to syllabuses for the 2010 UTME that prospective candidates are advised to seek the advice of their teachers, Parents / Guidances and guidance or
career Counsellor in their choice of elective subjects for the UTME.

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