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Pre-marital Sexuality and Teenage Pregnancy among Teenagers in some Secondary Schools

Adolescents or children who are within the age of 13 and 18 that are supposed to be in senior secondary school or fresher in higher institutions. This stage is very challenging and full of stress; individual start to develop self concept, a period of Ego identity, a period when the question ‘who am I’ is usually asked.

Sexual networking are various attempts made by the adolescents to initiate their age groups to sexual activities such sexual initiation includes adolescents’ friendship, teenage dating relationship and experimentation.
Adolescent depends on adults to guide their future vocational devices but due to the inconsistent standard of most adults, many children exhibit identity crises and role confusion such that they seek solace in peer groups. The absence of parent at home leads to many disturbing problems of crime and juvenile delinquency in which premature sexuality.

The genesis of premarital sex and teenage pregnancy can be traced to many factors in the society such as home.

Child grows and matures, he/she spends most of his/her early years at family home, and it is invariably influenced by whatever happens in the family as he naturally regards the family as his reference group and the senior members in the family as the significant figures. The social production of masculinity and feminity is often begun at home through socialization practices, which aim to instil specific personalities and identities into male and female children.

Family is the most important context because its major function in socialization, care of children and most importantly identities take shape.

There are inability on the part of the parent to adequately provide for their children needs especially the females. Also, desire for high class results in early sex in exchange for money and other rewards from men.

Unwanted/Unprepared Pregnancy
Premarital sexual relationship, whether for “love”, access to social resources or other complicated motives are exposing young female students to the risk of unwanted pregnancy

Unfortunately, these adolescents do not know and appreciate the possible complications and consequences that may result from premarital sex. The first possible consequence is unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. The unwanted teenage pregnancy causes some problems to the girls such as academic setback, psychological torture, and financial handicap.

The economic downturn in Society has contributed in no small way to the bad portrait of heterosexuality among our adolescents and youth. .

Those parents, who probably because of poverty have little or nothing to offer the children, let these children loose very early in life.

Negative outside influences (low income, lack of parental involving, increased emotional vulnerability, which normally results in increasing destructive demographic factors and with low expectation of future success. Some young people go into prostitutes in order to make money. So, also in many places, young people are lured or forced into prostitution.

Twist in adolescent networking through the prints and electronic media that show pornographic pictures, blue films, immoral home video, adverts, uncensored television programmes like the one shammed in “The Glamour Girls” the nonchalant attitudes of the government to commercial sex hawkers whom the adolescents see daily.

Sight appears to be a potent stimulus for men, advertisers and publishers of erotic play use this by using women’s breasts suggested through clothing, or naked, and her buttocks are considered to be sexually arousing to men.

Scientific and technological development refers to the gain and progress in science and technology that have led to industrialization, such developments affect not only what people wear, eat and use for transportation but also their thinking processes.

The adolescents are exposed to lots of questionable sexuality education through electronic and print media. On the internet, they browse pornographic, websites, they watch pornographic or blue films on the television screens and read sensational novels and magazines which induce them to want to practicalise without thinking about the aftermath of the activity.

This explain various acquisition and labelling receive from members and non members by the teenager, who involve in premarital sexual and teenage pregnancy etc. they argued that this lead to uncountable desire for sexual acts and result to depreciation of their target goal and loss of direction in life. For a girl, she may become an object of n ridicule before others and give embarrassed nick name such as “cheap girls” “food for all” “public dog” “No control” “only girl” “for bed”, but not suitable to be a wife.

Abortion And Other Health Hazards
Abortion is criminal, sinful can reduce fertility in marriage proper. Also, people loathe getting involved in heterosexual relationship with victims of STDs.

Engaging in crime abortion, causes damage to reproductive organs, infertility and if the abortion is not properly carried out it leads to death.

Statement Of The Problem
It is of great concern the issue of pre-marital sexuality and teenage pregnancy among teenagers in our secondary schools in Society being the commerce nerve centre of the Continent. On a daily basis, this is being read and heard both on prints and electronic media. The act has eaten deep into the fabrics of the school values and becoming part and parcel of the school system, as well as, some communities are now accepting it as an act that as come to stay.

Purpose Of The Study
The purpose of the study is summarised as follows:
- To find out the level of relationship between gender and pre-marital sexuality
- To find out the peer influence on premarital sexuality and teenage pregnancy
- To find out the effect of socio-economic status of the parent on pre-marital sexuality and
teenage pregnancy.

Research Hypotheses
1. There is no significant difference between gender and pre-marital sexuality.
2. There is no significant relationship between peer influence and pre-marital sexuality and
teenage pregnancy
3. There is no significant relationship between socio-economic status of the parent and pre
marital sexuality and teenage pregnancy.

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