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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What will be our reward?

To reward the people who surrender themselves to the divine discipline in the pre-death world, God has made a perfect world in the post-death eternal world called Paradise. Paradise is the world that has been created in keeping with man's perfection seeking nature. It is an ideal and perfect world in every respect, with no frustration, no problems, no aging, no illness — just eternal peace, bliss and happiness. God wants such men and women who qualify in their test in this limited world, according to the Divine standard to inhabit the ideal world of Paradise. Who then are these men and women who measure up to the divine standard? They are the ones who, by using their intellectual capabilities, attain the realization of God. They are those who discover the truth by tearing asunder the veil of mental confusion, who abandon all forms of worship in favour of the worship of the One True God and who then lead a divinely disciplined life. These are the criteria for earning Paradise according to the divine creation plan. Such men and women as come up to this standard will be ushered into the eternal world of Paradise after death, while those who fail to do so will be cast into eternal hellfire, where they will have nothing in store for them but eternal deprivation and frustration. The people who will fill Paradise will be those who availed of the opportunities of this present world to do good, while the people who will fill hell will be those who failed to avail of such opportunities. Theirs will be a case of 'missed opportunities'. As the saying goes: 'Opportunity only knocks once.' This saying is wholly true in the matter of eternal success. For the chance to succeed is not going to be, given to anyone twice. The situation of those adjudged to have properly availed of the opportunity will endure to their benefit for all eternity, just as the situation of those adjudged to have missed their opportunity will be one of unending perdition. So, take stock of your life to see if you are availing this Divine opportunity. Make sure that you avail of-your opportunity in this world in order that you 1 may attain eternal peace in the next. Just as there was a beginning of our life on the planet earth, similarly there will be an end of our life on this planet. The Day of Judgment is another name for this end. This day will mark the day of victory or defeat for all men and women who have inhabited this planet. The victory of one who emerged victorious on that day will last forever. The defeat of one who stood defeated on that day will also last forever. Blessed are those who are held deserving of choicest blessings of the Lord -that is, eternal Paradise- the final destination of a believing man.


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