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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What is God's Creation Plan?

Like everything else in this world, God created this world as one half of a pair. This world, in which we pass our lives after birth, is the first half and the other world where we will live after death is the other half. The Creator of man has thus created him as an eternal creature and has divided his life into two stages - the pre-death period or the limited life in this world and the post death period or the eternal life after death. The pre-death world is designed as a 'testing" ground, while the post-death world is designed to be a world of 'reward' or 'punishment'. The mistake made by philosophers and thinker- is that they seek the human destination in the present world, whereas it does not exist in this world at all. Since the present world is made to serve the purpose of man's test, everyone here has been granted complete freedom to make his or her own moral choices. It is as if the .present world were a kind of examination hall where all the provisions have been made that are needed for this test. But the perfect, ideal things needed for building a happy life do not exist here. For everything here is in an incomplete and limited form. If man tries to seek happiness here, it would be like a student wanting to build his desired life within an examination hall. Just as the student will ultimately be overwhelmed with a sense of frustration if he tries to do so, in the same way any man, who tries to build his perfect world in a place where he is on trial, will also face frustration.


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