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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Does God Exist?

Does God Exist? This question often comes into our minds. Let us rationally try to find an answer to this question. My answer to this question is in the affirmative. Based on my study and my experience, I can say with full conviction that God exists. There is no doubt about it. When I say that God exists, I say this in the scientific sense and not in the popular sense. People generally believe that they are in position to prove or disprove anything. But this is not the scientific position. According to modern science, you cannot prove or disprove anything; you can only arrive at a probability, rather than a certainty. If there is sufficient data to show that this or that thing probably exists, then one can make the statement that this or that thing exists. The present question of whether God exists itself raises another question. Study in anthropology, that is, the science of man, have established that the concept of God is ingrained in human nature. Belief in God runs in our blood. Every man and woman is a born believer. Especially in times of helplessness and in crisis, we discover that there is a Supreme Being. Every man and woman has experienced this natural fact at least once in his or her life. Then why this question? If the concept of God is present in our flesh and blood, why does one question the existence of God? The reason is very simple. People want to know whether there is a rational basis to their inner belief, whether there is some scientific proof in favour of their inner feelings. I must emphasize that there is certainly a scientific basis for belief in the existence of God. But people generally fail to discover it for the simple reason that they try to apply a criterion that they wrongly believe to be scientific. They want a proof in terms of observation, whereas this is neither the scientific method nor the criterion by which to judge. If you apply the right criterion, you will find that God is a proven fact. Here I recall an incident that took place, when I happened to meet a gentleman, who was a Doctor of Philosophy and a great admirer. Of course, he was an atheist. During our conversation about God he asked: "What criterion do you have to prove the existence of God:" I replied: "The same criterion which you have for proving the existence of anything else." The dialogue ended there. There was no question and no answer after this. Why did this learned man fall silent? The reason is very simple and well known. My answer reminded him of the fact that we are living in a world where inferential argument is as applicable to the concept of God as to any other concept.


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