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Thursday, January 2, 2014


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1. Muslims were once the Global turmoil has Muslim lands as the epicentre, although non-Muslim lands are also affected. However the spate of destruction in almost all Muslim states, made it to look like it is the nature of Islam to have those crises. 2. The events of September 11, the Al-Qaeda Connection and the unfortunate wars of Iraq, Afghanistan and possibly Iran accentuated the believe that Islam is at the Centre of the Crises. 3. Also adding to this misperception is the absence on Muslims at the core of the media world which serves the bulwark of propaganda, a system that continues to churn out negative information about Islam and Muslims without any mitigation, even with Al-Jazeera. 4. The real issue however is that Islam has today remain the only challenge to Western Civilisation. Western civilisation has waged war against the Church in Europe and overcome the Church before the protestant fathers left for America. The War against the Church became war against Christianity and later assumes the dimension of war against religion. 5. The ‘victory’ of the West over ‘religion’ did not bring Islam to reckoning. IT assumed all that was religion was defeated. Secularism was therefore foisted on the world and made worse by the emergence of a unipolar world. 6. However, the new wave of Islamism is forcing the West to become more critical and on the edge. This is coming when with globalisation, the West believe the world was conquered. The protocols of the elders of Zion were coming to perfection. 7. The wave of ‘Islamism’ was growing strong. Movements seek to revive the Islamic Way of Life, translating the Kalimah in the life of Muslims are numerous and they have become strong. 8. Islamic movements in Philippine Moro Fighters, Algeria’s Islamic Salvation Front, Islamic Trend Movement in Tunisia, Muslim Jamaah in Malaysia, HAMAS in Palestine and lately the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, El-Nahdah in Tunisia have all proven to be popular in their communities; popular enough to win elections in a democracy. 9. This is why it is correct to say that the emerging new world has Islam as its focus. It is not acceptable to the West the Islam would offer the next global leadership. It is difficult reality to face. 10. Yet the facts of present population, future population growth, rate of new entrants into its fold, natural material endowment, emerging professional resources, struggle for national revival and liberation, sustenance of Palestinian struggle etc. all point in the direction of the future of Islam and the world. 11. In résumé, this topic will summarise how Islam conquered and lost the world and new revivalism which has become the major global concern. This should also explain the fact that Allah is the final decider as all previous resistance to Islam actually galvanised Islam.


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