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Praise be to God, who prisoners servant by night from the Sacred Mosque to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and I see one of His signs is increasing its faith and strengthened by the conviction, and I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone with no partner, the True King described, who preferred our Prophet Muhammad on all the prophets and messengers, and make his religion openly every religion, and I bear witness that our Prophet Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger, the best of creation wholes and the first master and others, blessings and peace upon him and his family and companions good pure, and those who followed them in truth until the Day of Judgment. The distance / Vousikm O people and myself to fear Allah, the Ksakm of faith Serbala, and still grace you coming in, Vatqoh تسعدوا off and money, says Allah Almighty says: {O you who believe, fear Allah right تقاته not die, but as you are Muslim} (Al-Imran 102) . All blessed before the trip: Dear brothers Muslims, know that after all the plight of a grant, after all distress فرجا that with hardship comes ease, it has been the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him to trouble great, this is Quraish had blocked the road in the face of the call in Mecca, in Thaqeef in Taif, in the Arab tribes , and tightened the blockade against advocacy and رجالاتها, from every side, and became a danger staring Prophet - peace be upon him - after the death of his uncle Abu Talib largest proteges, the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - a past in the way, Saber is Lord, do not take in God to blame the facilities, and Ahrb warrior, nor Kidd مستهزئ, it's time for the plight of the great suddenness incident Flowers, a measure of the Lord of the Worlds, Faarj it without creatures all, and honor him for his patience and struggle, and spoke to him without mode, and keep it on the worlds unseen without all creation, and his collections with his fellow apostles in one hand, so the imam and role models for them, a خاتمهم and the last of them. "Education Leadership 1/447" Isra and Miraj meaning: It is intended Balasra: that trip curiosities, which started from the Grand Mosque in Mecca to the Aqsa Mosque بالمقدس, intended بالمعراج what came after the rise in dishes heavens even reach the level interrupted him Sciences creatures do not know what it really one and then return to the Grand Mosque, in one night in an hour one, to see God Nabih some verses he says: Glory which prisoners servant by night from the Sacred Mosque to the Aqsa Mosque, which blessed him to Nrih of Our Signs, He is the Hearer} (Al-Isra: 1), and said in a Maraj: {a rise again in the top, and then DNA Vtdly, was just around the corner, revealed to the servant that inspired, what a lie Fouad what he saw, Avtmarunh what he sees, and I saw catarrh again, when the Prophet, then the Commission shelter, as faint Sidra what collapses, what are estranged sight and overwhelmed, He saw major of the revelations of his Lord} (The Star: 7-18) Flowers recipe: Brothers in Islam and faith: There has been a prophet on his trip that talk right narrated by Imam Bukhari and others, and said: ((while I'm in الحطيم If you came to me coming, too difficult between this and this, then extracted my heart and then came a pot or basin of gold filled with faith فغسل heart Then a brutal then re, then come Balbrac, puts حافره when the ultimate tip came to bear it, he went my Jibril even come Holy House then entered and I prayed the prophets rak'ahs, then stepped up to me Jibril to heaven, Vasfh Gabriel and asked permission and with the Messenger of Allah, and went up in the heavens and saw Adam, peace be upon him and Yahya, Jesus and Joseph, and Idris and Aaron, Moses, Abraham ... each of them receives the Prophet saying: hello brother and the righteous Prophet, and in the way before Arouj Attah Jibril, a pot of wine and bowl of yogurt, chose milk, said Gabriel: I was instinct, and then topped up The Ultimate Tree (and DNA mighty Lord of Glory Vtdly), so was it just around the corner, revealed to God to him, suggesting fifty prayers to the nation on the day and night and requested mitigation of the Lord, after the signal Moses, peace be upon him, said: ((O Lord eased us , the ummah can not this ... Jabbar said the Almighty: O Muhammad, it does not alter the fifty or book, Every good ten-fold, they are fifty or book, which is five to you)). The insurer's position on this blessed journey: Dear brothers Believers: should be aware that Ascension was body and soul together and quoted scientists on that by saying the Lord of Glory Glory: {Glory which prisoners servant} (Al-Isra 1), and praise is disliked God for the shortage, disability, this does not come only major sins even if it was a dream of what was Mstazma then saying the Almighty: {servant} and slave is a total body and soul, for if Isra spirit would have said: the spirit of servant, if his spirit to كذبته Quraish, the minds does not deny that the spirits may roam prospects at the moment, and suggesting Isra body and soul Together ride to Shining, a creature up the ass and without the mule if Isra his spirit was not needed for the ride and the insurer hard in his faith does not deny never the possibility of Isra is a believer, the ability of God Almighty Muqtadir: {but ordered him if he wanted nothing to say to him, 'Be, Glory whose hand the kingdom of everything the Command} (YS: 82) and the insurer hard in his faith does not deny never the possibility of Flowers which is read in the book of God Almighty that God revealed slaves of slaves from heaven to earth and raise a slave of his servants from earth to heaven revealed Adam and Wife : {we told the Go down them all (Baqarah 38), raising Jesus, peace be upon him: {but God raised him and Allah is Mighty, Wise} (158 women), how Ncetkther the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him to limp by his master? The scientific facts that force inversely proportional to the time the more power less time, how if the force here is the power of the Almighty right? So in some reports came that the Prophet, peace be upon him family and he stopped and returned the bed was still warm. God bless you and me in Revelations, نفعني and Beware the guidance Mr. Thaqalayn, say what you hear and ask forgiveness of God to you and me and the rest of the Muslim It is better Algavrin. Second Sermon Praise be to God, who is praying and ensure the answer, and answer call المضطرين if an invitation, and I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone with no partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger, God bless Muhammad and his family and his friends and him. O Muslims, you Baltdhara to God and supplication in all cases, because supplication sword for the believer and the strength of him as he was worshiping, but it needs our society today to pray, and know that God responds to prayer from investigating'm restaurant and imbued and ملبسا and leave sins and The reward for himself and يطهرها, The Muslim narrated in his Saheeh from Abu Hurayrah said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him ((O people, God is good not only accepts good and that God is faithful as ordered by the senders, he said: O ye messengers, eat of the good things and do good I am what you do Knower} (Believers 51) {O ye who believe, eat of the good things that We have provided, and be grateful to God, if ye him worship} (cow / 172), then he mentioned the man prolongs travel shaggy dusty stretch hands to the sky, Lord, Lord, and his restaurant is haram and clothing is haram and fueled haraam and I answered so)). I pray to God, and you are certain to answer. O Allah, grant us representation and الإخبات you and grant us the sweetness of supplication and submissiveness between your hands, answer prayers and achieved our hope and we receive خائبين, O dearest Islam and Muslims and humiliated polytheism and polytheists and Ohn Kid unbelievers, and give us victory with them all, God forgive the believers, men and women and Muslim men and women living and dead. Oh God, make this country safe assured the generosity of welfare and other Muslim countries. The last prayer is that all praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

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