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Praise be to God we praise Him and seek His help and forgiveness, and we seek refuge with Allah from the evils of ourselves and our disadvantage, of Allah guides not misleading him, and not mislead Hadi him, and I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone with no partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger, peace and blessings be upon His slave Mustafa and His Messenger Mujtaba and his family and companions and marched on their approach and traced their footsteps until the Day of Judgement. The distance / Vousikm O people and myself to fear God Almighty, Vtqoy the Almighty God by the farmer and the ladder of success and goodness address. {Obey God Íaaoly kernels, that ye may prosper} (round: 100). Brothers in Islam and faith: still known Muslim women continuing and ongoing work veil and renounce unveiling, finery and mixing with men foreigners since he came the revelation cleanser from God Almighty thing outright upon our Prophet Muhammad, "to order women of the believers to save فروجهن ignoring gaze and bulletproof adornment for foreign men beat Khmurhen on bosoms, and ordered them to resolution houses, and Sahin heirlooms from behind a screen; cleansing of the hearts of men and their hearts, and that يدنين them جلابيبهن; to know do not disturb, and not Itbrzin flaunt ignorance first, not stamp their feet so as to reveal what they hide of their adornment, there's still the Muslims on this work for three centuries of time almost take it back for advances that came colonial crusader vindictive and hit Otunabh severe over the Muslim countries, have realized from the experience and expertise that the woman is the gate major arms greatest; to spoil the Muslim community, religion and states Vatakzha peaceful and weapon lethal to achieve its objectives and purposes of the bad ones. O Muslims: These enemies have published suspicions about the veiling of women in Islam, which they said: The veil was the habits of Arabs in ignorance, because the Arabs printed on the protection of honor, and Oadua girls for fear of shame, Volsmoa women hijab intolerant to their habits tribalism which Islam came Bzmha revoked, even It invalidated the veil) "immodest Zahra Fatima bint Abdullah Al: 122. commitment hijab reactionary and leave behind civilization and progress. The answer is: The veil imposed by Islam on women did not know the Arabs before Islam, but I condemn God finery women ignorance, his regiment Muslim women not to Finery not even Icbehn women ignorance, he said, most would: {And stay in your houses and تبرجن flaunt ignorance First} (Ahzab: 33). The bus بذم the conversations changing the creation God made it clear that arrived hair Altnmus was common in Jewish women before Islam, it is known that he which adorned used. It is true that Islam came فأبطل the ugly habits of the Arabs, but in addition to that they had a beautiful habits adopted Islam did not invalidate, guest Kxram and generosity, courage and so on. Among the reprehensible habits women متبرجات out faces and necks detectors, ornamental باديات, imposing God after a woman's veil of Islam to rise and safeguard their dignity and prevents them harm evildoers and biased. O Muslims: If Muslim women are dissatisfied with Bulbashen which makes them not in a clique Alrgiat and residues What which harm Altkdmin in that?! It is strange to hear them call to personal freedom and consecrated, it is not permissible that the untouched one, then they are interfering in the freedom of others to wear what they want their clothes, "" immodest 122 " If it causes retardation, and his progress causes, and involve Jackets law and ethics in this matter hoax exposed, not only to fools lags behind the level of thought and consideration, and how long has it been progress and civilization clinging dressed man?! The civilization, progress and development was the result of findings of the research with his mind and the realization of human thought, and was not his garment and its "immodest p appearance: 124" And شبهاتهم the servants of God, claimed that women's adornments right, robbed him of the community, or robbed him of the puritanical fossilized selfish man, and they see that the veil wronged her and robbed of their right) "The issue of women's liberation to Mohammed Al-pole: 21". We say to them: It was not the man who impose the veil on women فترفع case against him to get rid of the injustice inflicted on them, as it was put the case in Europe between women and men, but the imposition of the veil on women is the Lord and Creator, who does not have that was locked to Tjadelh Almighty as ordered or have the good thing is, {and it was not for a believer is available if decided by Allah and His Messenger is to have the good of the ordered those who disobey Allah and His Messenger, has strayed astray noting} (Ahzab: 36) "The issue of women's liberation p: 19 " And the veil in itself is not an issue, the imposition of the veil in the era of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, and carried out during his reign, and continued thereafter thirteen centuries succession and no Muslim who believes in Allah and His Messenger says: The woman was in the time of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him oppressed. If signed by the injustice then when backwardness Muslims for their faith correct and requirements did not veil a priori is the source of injustice and caused no spouse, because it was based on the best centuries at all, and was assigned to hygiene moral and spiritual, and assigned to greatness humanity that is unmatched in the the whole history of mankind), "the issue of women's liberation Muhammad Qutb 19-20" Has also alleged enemies of the veil that women veil a symbol of extremism and fanaticism, intolerance and religious extremism, and signs of extremism and militancy, causing hydrophobic in society and the clash between the two groups, and this might be interpreted to a breach of security and stability. The answer is this: that this lawsuit is rejected ab, veil is not a symbol of those things, but not a symbol of symbols under any circumstances, because the code which is not his job, but the expression of the religious affiliation of its owner, such as the cross on the chest of a Christian or a Christian, and hood small at the head of the Jewish , there is no job for them, but the announcement of identity. The veil is a function known and sentenced noble, are jackets and decency, purity and chastity, not unthinkable from wearing Muslim women they advertise themselves and their religion, but they obey the command of her Lord, it is a rite religious, and not a symbol of radicalism and extremism. Moreover, this lie that fired them on the veil of Muslim women to Why have not يطلقوها to veil nuns?! Why they did not say: The veil of Jewish or Christian symbol of religious intolerance and sectarian excellence?! Why they did not say: The suspension of the cross a symbol of religious extremism He dragged the horrors of the Crusades?! Why did not you tell: that put a small Jewish skullcap on his head a symbol of religious extremism, and because of what gets gets massacres and terrorism in occupied Palestine?! The women's wear the veil have been out of my contract and conviction spiritual, they are not required hijab strongly iron and fire, and did not let the others to veil, but with wisdom and arguments legitimacy and mental health, but unlike the case is correct, and the statement that oblige women to take off her hijab and make it a law, and the law is needed is a symbol intolerance and extremism اللاديني, and this is causing the collision and bad reactions, because it is an attack on religious freedom and personal liberty. It suspicions O Muslims, they said: A woman's veil disables half of the society, since Islam tell her to stay at home), "my sister is veiled p: 64" The answer is that the asset in a woman to stay at home, God said: {And stay in your houses and the first تبرجن flaunt ignorance} (Ahzab: 33). This does not mean women insult and disable their energies, it is optimum use of energies) "My sister is veiled p: 64" And not in the veiling of women what prevents them from doing the related duties, and what allows it to work, and prevents them from acquiring knowledge and science, but it can do all this while maintaining a veil and avoided mixing disgraceful. Many of the female college students who wore the dress embankment and Aptaden of the mixing students may Ahrzn the prized in the field of exam, and be appreciated and respected by all teachers and students), "Hey girl Islam Read p: ​​39-40." Indeed, the woman to go out and Mzahmtha man in his work and left the work can not be carried out by others is that disables half of the society, it is a reason for the collapse of communities and فشو corruption and the spread of crime and disintegration of families, because the task of care for young people and teach them and care for them is one of the noblest tasks and the greatest and most dangerous has become a no host, no sergeant. I say this and ask forgiveness from God Almighty you and me and the rest of the Muslims, Fastgvrōh He is the Forgiving, the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, thank so much good and blessed it, the prayers of my Lord and peace envoy to the mercy to the worlds, and his family and companions. After / O Muslims: The God of Islam is coming and that there is no god but He, because of religion, which was favored by God for our humanity. {Religion with Allah is Islam} (Al-Imran: 19), {Today I have perfected your religion for you and completed My favor upon you and chosen for you Islam as your religion (Table: 3) There are signs of other know of the nature of this religion and the encroachment of God and enacted in His creation, and that Islam is compatible with instinct and bring people to their interests in the world and the Hereafter, Valrsalat celestial have copied and character where Instead, regulations human enough in the perception of shortcomings and failures it is man-made , it is the nature of the Islamic approach we derive an unwavering belief that the future of this religion, and that it has a role in this land is the home of his performance, his enemies wanted or not Aradoh. The omens: that the world today complain of bankruptcy systems and human effect drinking bitter and the ravages of these systems that were destroyed humanity and ruled on all aspects of good to have, and the earliest evidence of the collapse of the communist regimes one after the other, right on what God has risen anything but put it, and destruction is coming permission God is the ilk of disbelief and misguidance and the fight against Islam and its people, and the great truth of God says: {still those who disbelieve acquire what made the side or solved soon from their home even comes the promise of God that God does not break the Promised} (Thunder: 31), and the world today looks the savior who save him from it, not only savior of Islam is the only solution. O Dearest Islam and Muslims, humiliated polytheism and polytheists, and carnivorous possession of religion, and let down the enemies of the religion, and religion. O safe in our homelands and make this country safe assured the generosity of welfare and other Muslim countries. Unless we insist your religion and your book and the year of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and Thy righteous. Oh God, make the governors of our affairs mercy to us, and gather them on the right, O Lord of the Worlds.

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