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In the name of God the Merciful

Thank God, who sent down the book, and ordered the chastity and the veil, and I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone with no partner forgiving sin, repentance, the Stern in punishment, from unbend the gift received recognition and reward, and زاغ is menacing Bolam agony, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger envoy wisdom The separation of the speech, and sheriff's virtues and cream ethics and morality, may Allah bless him and his family and companions and followed them until the day of the MAB. The distance / Young lady who hands the brothers of Islam and myself to fear Allah, it is those who fear God honored him and helped, and confirm with his heart on the right and JENANAH, and enter Paradise Almighty says:} that heaven North of Our servants who vomits {Mary 63 Islam came and found the Arab community, like other communities in that time women are seen as a tool of pleasures, and the satisfaction of instinct, and then viewed from the humanitarian point of view downward, and also found in the community somewhat chaotic in sexual relationships and degeneration aesthetic; and celebrate Paljsudaiat overwhelming , and found the system family Makhlkhala. The Quranic text referred to the Finery, Faouha that remnants of ignorance, said the Almighty God} and stay in your houses and تبرجن flaunt ignorance} (parties 33), and Finery: show women the same pros and clothes and jewels for all to see men. The fighter said Ibn Hayyan: {تبرجن not flaunt ignorance} and Finery: they receive veil on her head, nor Chdh Vioara Qlaidha Crdoha and neck, and it seems that all of them, and Finery. Mujahid said: a woman out walking in the hands of men, it flaunt ignorance. Qatada said: It was them and break gait and تغنج God forbade it. "Tafsir Ibn Kathir 6/410" And ignorance - Muslim brothers - not a certain period of time, but is a state of a particular social, with certain perceptions of life, and can be found this case, and that there is this perception in anytime, anywhere, so evidence of ignorance where he was. With this measure, we find that we now live in a period of ignorance blind, thick sense, animal perception, falling in dark human to perigee humiliating, and realize that purity is no zakaah not swimming in the community live this life; does not take means purification and hygiene, which God for mankind to purification of uncleanness, and get rid of ignorance. God's grace upon His slaves dress and الرياش: O Muslims, have blessed God for His slaves as making them dress and الرياش, God said O Children of Adam have sent down to you to dress mask Soatkm and Richa and clothing piety so good that one of the signs of God that they may remember} (custom: 26), Valbas Lester genitalia It pudenda,, الرياش and feathers is beautifying apparent, Valraash necessities, and feathers: sequels and increase, and clothing of piety is the faith and fear of God. Said Abdul Rahman ibn Aslam: fear Vioara his genitalia, the same is the dress of piety. Flaunt women of the greatest reasons for the fall in the Muslim community: O nation of Islam: I learned the enemies of our religion that women of the greatest causes of force in the Muslim community, and they learned it from the most dangerous means of demolition and destruction in the Muslim community so they start planning and plotting to distort this nation, but the heart of the identity of this nation, and the destruction of morality of this nation, which has reached what arrived it Vozl fractions and insulted Caesar day that failed in the occupation of our land military occupation armies, and uttered Louis IX day that families in Dar Ibn Luqman Mansoura Cairo uttered explicit and crystal clear in the fourth day, he said: It is no longer possible to control the country's Muslim armies military, must - now - Find a new way for the invasion of the Muslims, and the invasion was much more serious intellectual of a military invasion. Goal of Islam from the imposition of the veil: The God who is no other god what Islam forbids Finery on Muslim women brothers of faith, and the imposition of Islam veil, except for maintenance, protection, and preservation of the futility of the abusers, and shamelessness Almagenan not even aspire looks adulteress, and so as not to desecrate her body this looks treacherous, etc. God wanted Islam has only chastity and modesty and decency make Islam the prescribed كاللؤلؤ Webmasters and Caldrh protected surrounded by accident, so as not to stretch it hand sinful frivolous, Val says: Malk lowest to know Do not disturb} (parties 59) May God commanded the believing women covered up and veil full Almighty said: O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers يدنين them ie screen lowest to know Do not disturb and Allah is Oft} (parties 59), and robes: is the cloak that circumvents the woman and cover her head and all of her body. Rule Finery: O Muslims, if Finery large موبقة in this world and the Hereafter, and that of the attributes of the people of Hell ((two kinds of people did not fire Oarhama, people with whips like the tails of cow beating people, and scantily dressed women Mailat Mmellat, wearing see divination slash not enter Paradise nor smell its fragrance, although Rihha no such and such)) "Narrated by Muslim." There have been prophecy of the Messenger of Allah has Cefhen describe scenes to them, it means (scantily dressed): wear thin clothes describe the color of the flesh or short, they are draped in the naked in the name of truth. And the meaning (Mailat: (any Zaúgat for obedience to God, and what they need when modesty and concealment Mailat in Msheethen (gait): any gait to the hearts of men to nicotine. Finery brings even accompanied by curses and expulsion from the mercy of God, narrated Abdullah bin Umar said: Messenger of Allah said: ((be the last of my scantily dressed women wearing see divination Anohn they Mlonat)). O Muslims, and habits of ignorance that has spread in our society today to wear women's clothing men, and men to wear women's clothing, has forbidden Islam, it was narrated Abdullah ibn Amr said: I heard the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him says: (not one of us like men of women do not like women than men)) "Narrated by Ahmad and Tabarani and Abu Naim." Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him said: ((cursed upon him the man who wears women's clothing and women's wear for Sixteen men)) "Narrated by Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah, Governor Ahmed said the ruling correctly on the conditions of Muslim." Among the most serious conversations received from the Messenger of Allah in this serious matter, for Abdullah Bin Umar said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: ((three not enter Paradise nor consider God to them doomsday disobeys his parents, and women Butch Almichbhh men, Cuckold)) "directed by the Governor and Bayhaqi and Ahmad said the ruling: true attribution Narrated Bazaar Women." God bless you and me in the Quran and Sunnah, May نفعني and you including two for the guidance and wisdom, say what you hear and ask forgiveness from God for me and you and the other Muslims Fastgvrōh He is Oft Mercy. Thank God who blessed us yes life and religion, and made us Muslims, and I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone with no partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and his family and companions, and those who followed them in truth until the Day of Judgment. Fear God, O Muslims the right to piety. Today, we live for so hard, and in calamities and disasters and setbacks, and know that one of the greatest reasons that we left the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, then know that the causes of Deliverance enjoining and forbidding what is wrong, and the reasons for the fall and perdition: silence on evil, he says: when they forgot what mentioned saved those who forbid evil, and we take those who wronged pains Bis that they infringed} (customs 165). And has warned the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him of negligence in the matter of the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, said: ((and my hand to Tamrn Virtue and forbid evil or Yushkn God to send you a punishment from him then you call it answered for you)) "Narrated by Tirmidhi and horses" . Also narrated by Bukhari and Muslim that the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him Asked: أنهلك us righteous? Said: ((yes if many slag)) any depravity and debauchery. Saheeh him peace be upon him, he said: ((like the existing limits of God - any who calls the tune - and indeed where, like folk Asthmua in a ship, was folk highest, and people underneath, was who at the bottom if Draw some out water passed on who at the top , and apprehend that they Adhuhm, they said: if I have violated in the lower side of what Avena who are above us ((Then he said peace be upon him: ((If left them perished, and all perished, and if they took on their hands all survived and survived)). And every one knows that curses are not solved harmdoers alone, but affects all of silent on Snaahm and both Georhm, he says: And fear tumult which affecteth not those of you who do wrong (Anfal 25) And has earned the children of Israel expulsion from the mercy of God because of their negligence in the prevention of vice, he says: cursed those who disbelieved of the Children of Israel on the tongue of David and Jesus, son of Mary so as they disobeyed and persisted attack, they do not Atnahon is evil they did to evil what they were doing} (Round 78 -79) Oh the fittest us our is infallibility hurry, and the fittest us our mundane pensions, and the fittest us Akhratna where Maadna, Mark increase our life in all the best, and Mark death comfort us from all evil. Oh fittest our women and Muslim women, O Zanhen hijab and chastity, and Junbhen Finery and adornments and mixing O dearest Islam and Muslims, and humiliated the infidels and unbelievers and claimed the hypocrisy and the hypocrites, and we insist O Dink and your book and years prophet peace be upon him and Thy faithful.

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