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Thank God Almighty, says in the tight Quran: {The trap a great injustice} (Luqman: 13), Ahmed Lord thank much good and blessed the uniqueness creation and income and the king knows all things, and I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone with no partner ; bounty broad Abrim, tender Alsabg particle, and I bear witness that our Prophet Muhammad Abdullah and His Envoy acclamation, education, and guidance illiterate to the straight path, may Allah bless him him and his family and his wives and his companions the Almighty to the Day of Judgment. The distance / Young lady who hands - you people - and myself to fear God, it is better increased, and brings guidance and satisfaction and reimbursement, and safe for its owner on panic and التناد, God says: {and تزودوا the best provision is piety and Atqon O men of understanding (Baqarah: 179) Muslim brothers: that God created human composite of two things hull and spirit, and make each what fueled and ينميه, and Arshad to methods of treatment that addresses their respective when thereto illness or sickness has showered blessings on His slaves said: {which is created for you in earth,}, The spirit has persisted diseases before his mission of God and prayers until it was like dead Vahyaha God including sent by Nabih peace be upon him of guidance and light: {I believe was dead Vahaenah and made him Nora walks in people like like him in the darkness not outside of them} (cattle 122), and Arshad Almighty to heal diseases and evacuation Osagamha but it is what God has revealed to Muhammad peace be upon him, said the Almighty: {And We send down from the Qur'an which is a healing and a mercy for believers} (Isra 82). The society in which they sent a messenger: Brothers in Islam and faith: God has sent Prophet, peace be upon him in a society where cardiovascular diseases spread in all their diversity and the greatest of these diseases at all, and the first trap is attached hearts without God and sincere exchange right Almighty to other creatures. The trap is a religion of Arabs year and the prevailing doctrine, they believe in God because God's greatest creator of universes and mastermind of the heavens and the earth, his kingdom everything, has told God Almighty for the polytheists they were Megrine that God alone is the creator Razzaq owner, however, did not still heathens because they did not unite God in his divinity Fbdoa other, Almighty God, they ascribe to, the Almighty said: If thou ask of the character to say, his Law} (decoration 87) and saying: Say Who gives you the heaven and the earth mother who has hearing and sight and out living from the dead and goes out dead from the living, and manages it, they would say God, command ye not fear} (Younis 31). The indulged this community in paganism and idolatry ugliest forms, was each tribe or hand or city fetish special, but each had the house fetish tutor: said Kalbi: It was for the people of each House of Mecca fetish in their home worship him, If he wants someone traveling was last what makes at his home that يتمسح it, and if ft of travel was first made when he enters his home that يتمسح it also, and استهترت Arabs in idolatry, some of whom took beta, and some of them took the idol, and did not appreciate him not to build a house erected a stone in front of campus , and in front of others, which praised, then cruised by Ktuah House and renamed monuments, and was in the middle of the Kaaba - House built for the worship of God alone - and extinction three hundred and sixty idols, and تدرجوا of idolatry and idols to the worship of sex stones. Al-Bukhari narrated Abu please Attarda said: We worship the stone, if we found a stone is better than the other Ogaynah and we, if we did not find a stone, we collected urged him from dust, then we came a Vhbanna sheep then Tafna). Kalbi said: The man If descended traveled house took four stones, he looked Ohassanha فاتخذه Lord, make three a Othafa of, and if he journeyed left). The Arabs had - like every nation mushrik in every time and place - the gods of various angels and jinn and planets, were believed angels daughters of God, Vikhdhunhm intercessors them with God, and يعبدونهم and beg their God Almighty said: Those who do not believe in the Hereafter, name the angels female names, To them its flag that follow nothing but conjecture and conjecture does not sing the right thing} (star 27 to 28), and took also of the jinn partners to God and believe in their ability and influence and worshiped them, {and made between him and Paradise proportions and I have learned paradise they be brought before, Hallelujah what they describe (Saffat / 158 - 159) How apostle addressed this disease?: O Muslims: has addressed peace be upon him this serious disease and the disease incurable Bastisalh and cleanse the hearts of Adranh first, then filled and architecture love of God and fear and hope and Tawheed worship alone is not a partner for being glorified unique creation and IGAD, is truly outstanding because worshiped alone is not worshiped him other whatever it is, has been peace and blessings be upon the infidels in this way in different colors from abuse, Vsber even Zafar Allah's victory and his support was the consequence him peace be upon him and his supporters {Glory be to God, His Prophet and the believers} (hypocrites 8) {and the consequence of piety}, and received also their colors from the opposition and intransigence clearest God in His Holy Book, and that what was said by God for them in Surat Al {and Aajabua that Warner has come to them and said the disbelievers say liar, my gods one God that this something Ajab, and Go publicly them to Walk and be patient on the gods This is a thing to be, what we heard this in Milli Hereafter This is nothing but fabrication, Oanzel it mentioned among us, but they are in doubt of remembrance but what taste torment} (p 4-8), was to get them to this article arrogance and envy, such as this article that recounted God Quraysh what the Almighty in Surat Moon for those who favor by saying: {Thamud vow they said Ibhra us one follow Verily if in error and price delivered a male it from us, but is bouncing point} and highlighted ways in which handled peace be upon him This disease, which is the greatest ills ever compel infidels that Evrdoa God in worship, they would not confessing Panevradh Almighty Balraboubih, and contented himself representation so as mentioned God in Surat ants verses that explained that way too clarification and that His saying: {God good while associating security created the heavens and the earth and sent down to you from the sky water Voneptna its gardens delight was you that Tneptua Cjrha King with God, but are people adjust their security to make the earth a decision and make through rivers and make her line and made between Bahrain barrier King with God, but most of them do not know the security answer compelled If invited him and the evil, and makes you inheritors of the earth King with God rarely remember security guide you in the darkness of land and sea and sends the winds as heralds of His mercy King with God Almighty God, they ascribe to the security of creation, then repeats it give you sustenance from heaven and earth King with God Say Bring your proof that if you are truthful} (ants 59-64), and including mention of God in the Al-Hajj of photography weird and representation eloquent deficit deities that Ocherkoha with God where He says: {O people hit like recited to him that those ye without God would not create ذبابا though met him If cheating flies something not Istnqdhuh him weak student is required. Estimated God right amount God strong Aziz} (pilgrimage 73-74). The spread of this disease in our society today: O Muslims, that this deadly disease (polytheism) has spread in our society today so that the government supports these pagan and spend them a lot of money, and polytheism is the first corruption on earth but is Okprh and أعظمه, so make peace and blessings first seven sins any doom one to Hell in saying Abu Huraira: ((Avoid the seven sins)) said: O Messenger of God, what are they? Said: ((polytheism ......)), and he alone, who begged forgiveness for not if the owner dies, the Almighty said: God does not forgive him and to engage forgive without it to whom He pleases, and involves God has invents a sin great} (women 48) God bless you and me in the Holy Qur'an, and God نفعني and you, including the verses and the Holy Quran, I say this forgiveness from Almighty God for you and me, Fastgvrōh He is the Forgiving, the Merciful. Thankfully Aziz al-Hakim, the righteous and helper of the pious, and I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone with no partner and I bear witness that the Prophet Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger, may Allah bless him and his family and his companions and followers until the Day of Judgement. No way to pride, not by the dignity, no hope in victory and dignity, not please to pay the penalty and resentment; only by reference to the religion of God, and honestly uphold his orders and prohibitions, and delivery fully religion of Islam, and honestly followers of Sayyid creatures peace be upon him; { Glory be to God, His Prophet and the believers, but the hypocrites know not (hypocrites: 8), and He says: {he wants to honor and thanks all pride} (creator: 10). Then know that disobeying God caused all humiliation and وبال and disadvantage, and to God that he does including his cane as he pleases, Ivlh in public and oppress, and يكبه in الحسرات and forsake him; because sins malady, and the reason shed enemies and solutions scourge and the descent Alboads and thin, {Both took his guilt .. . (Spider 40). Oh God, forgive the believers, men and women, and Muslim men and women, living and dead, Make us us guided; not deceived nor مضلين, and acceptance in righteous slaves, O dearest Islam and Muslims, and humiliated polytheism and the polytheists, and destroyed O enemies enemies of religion, God I swear we Khchitk turned him between us and your sins, and obeying what inform us by Gentec, and certainty what the moral is it we misfortunes minimum, and Mark O this country safe and at peace and other Muslim countries, I ask the guidance and met and chastity and rich and work what satisfied, Lord give us good in this world; in the Hereafter good; and save us from the torment of the Fire.

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