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Islamic Brotherhood and Good Company


(Concise Translation)
Praise is due to Allah the Lord of the worlds, best blessing and perfect peace upon the noblest of mankind Muhammad bin Abdullah, his household, company and all the followers.
O student brothers, hope of the future and generation of the expected triumph, the noble presence.
May peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.
The topic of this speech “Islamic Brotherhood and Good Company” is a tangible topic and a great principle among basic faithful principles of Islamic for heavy weight it possesses and connotes from divine word “ verily faithful are nothing else than brothers” Al – Hujurat : 10. By this, brotherhood and faith are indivisible pair in Islam and among fruits is good company in the cause of Allah. Henceforth, I wish to entertain this topic through the following elements:-

1. Linguistic meaning of brotherhood:
Lexicon defines brotherhood as kinship and maternity relation from father only, or from mother without father. This is the original meaning for the word brotherhood except that it also used for kinship, friendship and company according to lexical books like As – Sihhah and Al – Qaamusul – muheet among others; so they call friend brothers, and partners in work brother etc.
2. Legend concept of brotherhood:
It has been previously explained that brotherhood means direct kinship relation from both father and mother except that this kinship may be near or far as they usually says for example: “And to Thamud their brothers Salih” Hud : 61 among other similar usages; the least of which is that Human Brotherhood which involves all Adam’s children and al – Qur’an confirms this:
“ O mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily, the most honourable people of you with Allah is that who has At – Taqwah. Verily, Allah is all – knowing, well-Acquainted Q49;13. But this al-Quran itself recommends another type of brotherhood for us in the same surah, this is the Islamic brotherhood which excels other even that of kinship brotherhood in the sight of Allah; He says “the believers are nothing else than brothers ( in Islamic religion) So, make reconciliation between your brothers and fair Allah, that you may receive mercy”. Qur’an 49: 10.
We all comprehend from this explanation that brotherhood has two kinds kinship brotherhood (terrestrial) and it lapses most of the time and Islamic brotherhood (this which emanate from true faith this serves someone both in this world and the hereafter). Says Allah: “Neither your relative nor your children will benefit you on the Day of Resurrection. He will judge between you”. Qur’an 60:3
3. Islamic Brotherhood.
It is a faithful feeling that springs from heart, it makes someone to love another in the cause of Allah and His messenger, He loves him for He (the second part) loves Allah and His Messenger and abides by their commandments.
Sheikh Muhammad Al – Ghazaali concluded his speech on good brotherhood that “…so, the Islamic is the highest, greatest and fervent levels of brotherhood”.
4. The highest and the best grade of Islamic brotherhood:
It is acknowledge that human brotherhood is general and collective among the sons of Adam in view to their genesis of creation, and Islamic brotherhood is outstanding with sincere charity and eternal fortune, it is also common and comprehensive among individual Muslims regardless their racism, colour and language. Allah say: Qur’an 49:10 and His words the believers man and women are Awliyah (helpers, supporters, friends, protectors of one another …” Qur’an 9 : 71. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said in what Abu Hurrairah reported: “ Muslim is brother to another Muslim; thus he should not cheat, tell him false nor disgrace him. One Muslim is forbidden to another Muslim: his honour, property and the blood. Piety is kept here (i.e. in the heart); it is enough to assess someone as heinous and callous to see him demeaning his Muslim brothers dignity” and move up to love and endear to one’s Muslim brother in the cause of Allah and according to the tradition of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) they thus inherit virtues, righteousness, piety, preference over themselves, forgiveness, pardon, welfares and exchanging visit etc. many a hadith and quranic verse expatiates upon this:
a. Pure heart, free mind, love in the cause of Allah is the list and the highest is preference over oneself. “ and those who before them had homes (in Al – Madinah) and had adopted the faith love those who emigrate to them and have no jealousy in the breast for that which they have been given, and give them ( emigrant) preference over themselves. Even though they were in need of that. And those saved from the covetousness of their own souls they are the ones that achieve prosperity “Quran 59:9”
Imam Malik (may Allah bless him) wrote in his Muwatta that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) reported that Allah said: my love is ordained for those who love one another because of me, for those who seat together because of me and for those who visit one another because of me “
5. Conditions of Islamic Brotherhood;
Man is social by nature, so it is impossible for someone to live alone, rather he has to live with somebody else, and it is irrational to see a student having his course throughout his study in the institution without having a friend or course mate. From here, it is imperative for a Muslim student to be alert in searching for whom he is going to choose as his brother in these towns where Muslim students are already mixed up with other students who have different religion and dangerous thought. So, condition of Islamic brotherhood should be in order to gain Allah’s pleasure and should be based on true faith in Allah, it should not be intended in order to please none Muslim (pagan, Christians, Jew, secularist) but Muslim should handle him in such a way that he can influence or convince him to embrace Islam and if that does not work, it is better to sever his friendship; Allah says: (Qur’an 2:23)“Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with thee unless thou follow their form of religion.” He also says (Qur’an 9:23) “O ye who believe! Take not for protectors your fathers and your brothers if they love infidelity above faith: if any of you do so they do wrong.” Anas narrate that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “Whoever possesses three things will experience sweetness of faith, that he loves Allah and his prophet more than he loves someone else, that he loves not somebody because of Allah, that he hates to return to disbelieve just as he hates to be thrown into hell.” Reported by Bukhari.
6. Right that Guiding Islamic Brotherhood:
Right guiding Good Islamic Brotherhood are hereby enumerated
a. Assisting each other to the degree that their money are put together and there will not be superiority among them.
b. Muslim brother should always give aids and supports to his brother and the rapport should be unanimously done.
c. He should hold bark his tongue from him except in kind word and good forgiveness. He should not mention his brother’s fault either in his or absence but in good. He should not try to reveal his secret and should not struggle to disclose what is in inner thought. He should not doubt his actions or reactions.
d. He should always utter what would please him, he should usually call him with the best and beloved name to him he should let him know the nice things people do say about him and should not demean or disgrace him direct or indirect in the public. Imam Shaffi (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “whoever admonished his brother in secret, he has actually advised and beautified him. And whoever admonished him in public he has certainly exposed and disgrace him.”
e. He should overlook his brother’s faults and pardon his mistakes. So he should not be emotionally influenced with flaws or wrong doings that might come from his brother but he should try to advice him and make him upright. Abu Dardaah (may Allah be pleased with him) said: ”when your brother changes and deprives himself form righteousness, do not boycott or neglect him; because your brother always stands firm or in firm.”
f. He should fulfill the covenant of brotherhood with him. Even if his brother dies he should give the fulfillment to his heirs (wife, children, and parents) and relatives (kindred and others).
g. He should not impose great tax or duty on him and should not lay burdens beyond his strength upon him and he should not scoff in any form at him. He rather supports or subsidizes him.
h. He should always try to pray for him and his children and all relatives since there is no difference between him and his brother. The Prophet (S.A.W) said: “whoever prays for his brother in secret, the delegate angel would say: “Aameen, same to you.”
i. He should hate hurting him, so that he should always look towards his favour and comfort; suffer for his suffering and rejoice for his joy.
j. Brethren should fee that his brother are always with him for have in mind that his life is just inanimate without their aid said: “Muhmeen to Muhmeen is just like a building: parts support each other.”
k. He should help him to actualize the truth and birr (righteousness or virtue); and this action should be aiming at causing the truth to triumph and bringing falsehood to nothing
Honestly, the list of the rights of Islamic Brotherhood and Good company is not all over; So these aforementioned rights are just to give a clue in guiding our brothers to do good and help their brethren in virtue, righteousness and piety.

7. Etiquette of Islamic Brotherhood and Good Company:
When brotherhood of faith replaces brotherhood of kinship between two persons their brotherhood would stay long, succeed and prosper. Especially when it enjoins Islamic tenets and divine injunctions, this certainly buttresses the previous rights, and someone might perceive intertwined similitude between them, these are also many among which are:-
a. Sanity: Muslim brother ought to be in good sense and choose moderate person as a brother.
b. Piety: Muslim brother should be pious, because according to the Prophet: “everyone shall surely practise the religion of his fellow, so, everyone should be aware who he is going to choose as a fellow.”
c. Good Conduct: Accompany bad or naughty person is unanimously rejected in Islam. So, it is irrational for Muslim student who is seeking for knowledge and morality to accompany rude, radical, rough or tough guys.
d. Abiding by the Book of Allah and the Tradition of the Prophet: Mainly diagnosis these two sources is very important in he movement and action of Muslim brother.
e. Proclaiming the Love: Muslim brother should proclaim him love to his beloved brother; this habit was traditionally practiced among companions of the Prophet (S.A.W). So, he should let him know that he loves him in the cause and because of Allah.
f. Having pleasure to see and meet him: Muslim brothers should be glad to see and meet his fellow; he should try to pour light here over his face from free and fair heart.
g. Fulfillment of Promise: A good Muslim brother should always fulfill his promise not only with his brother in Islam but also with ordinary none Muslim people.
h. Striving to achieve his goal: Serious, meaningful and faithful Muslim brother should struggle to make his brother succeed; a tangible Hadith of Prophet (S.A.W) had assured us of a great rewards it not only in this world but also in the Resurrection Day.
i. Act of Humility: Though, this act is brief, is comprehensive in expression. Muslim brother should give respect to his fellow in all kinds of condition and situation.
j. Exercising Patience: He should try to endure anger and tolerate inconveniences that may emerge from their partnership.
k. Equity and Justice: He should prefer for his brother what he sees as the best and comfortable. He should not perceive superiority among them. So, he should live with him in equal and just manner.
Finally, my fellow Muslim Student brother I would like to drop this golden verse in your faithful hearts and I believe that it is going to be digested and pondered upon, so that our society will breathe fresh air of sincerity, humility, harmony, virtue, equity, justice, good faith, help, honest, unity righteousness, piety …
Islamic Brother and good company.

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