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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The Introduction:
The game of football started in year 1800. The Federation International Football Association
(FIFA) was founded on the 21ST OF May, 1904. In Nigeria when the game started, it was not
well recognized. It was introduce into the country by the European visitors and Missionaries.
The game was first introduced to the residents of Calabar, Port Harcourt and Lagos which were
the cities in the coastal areas of the country the Europeans visitors on tourism. They was
introduced into the missionary schools. It is on record that the colonial official played a match
in Lagos, in 1841.
In 1906, clubs started an these were organized as town / city teams, clubs competition for the
Beverly up was introduced in Calabar in 1906. The formation gradually spread to other pail of
the country. The first organized football Association started in Lagos District Amateur Football
Association (LDAFA) in the Year 1932.
The Ibadan Football Association followed with its formation of other association in the country.


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